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Anne Curtis Says Erwan Heussaff Has No Issue With Her Kissing Scenes

Anne Curtis said her boyfriend Erwan Heussaff has no issue at all with her torrid kissing scene in "Blood Ransom," the Hollywood film she starred in with Alexander Dreymon.

When he learned that Anne has to shoot a kissing scene with Alexander, Erwan was even pretty excited about it. He wasn't insecure at all, although he didn't know that there's a difference between how local industry and Hollywood does it.

It's an advantage for her that Erwan is half-Filipino and half-French because he's more open-minded than other Filipinos.

Erwan hasn't seen the movie yet, but they might watch it together. So far, he liked the trailer of the movie.

As for Alexander, Anne said he's a really good kisser, although he was very conscious in the beginning. Anne hasn't seen the film herself because it was still awkward for her.

She invited the media to watch it with her, so they'll all get excited for her. It wasn't such a bad experience for her because once she knew she was acting, she became comfortable with Alexander already.

Alexander has been very careful with her, Anne said. He's also very professional.

In another interview, Anne said that her most daring work to date was "No Other Woman," but "Blood Ransom" was even more daring than that. The actress explained that she now learned that "acting is acting" so, she's willing to do daring scenes for local projects as long as they are tastefully done.

There was no issue with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in America that she did a movie there for a month. The producer of the film, Tectonic Films, worked that out for her. She has a SAG card since she sent all the requirements to them.

SAG is a union that protects the rights of the actor, even for just a "passerby" like Anne.

SAG representatives even went to the scene to check the trailer, the food, and to ask her if she's being taken care of. Anne is amazed that such a group is present there to protect artists.

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Anne Curtis Says Erwan Heussaff Has No Issue With Her Kissing Scenes

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