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Laarni Enriquez Is Confident Son Jake Ejercito Will Be Vindicated

Laarni Enriquez said that even amid the controversies, she was sure that her son Jake Ejercito will be vindicated. She was referring to allegations that Jake was a "cheater" after his alleged picture kissing a girl winded up to be the reason why he and Andi Eigenmann broke up.

Laarni said she asked Jake about the girl, but it turned out that it was just someone random who wanted a picture with Jake. They ended uo kissing, though.

Jake apologized through social media to Andi, and asked her to take him back.

Laarni said it was only natural that her daughter, Jerika Ejercito, defended her brother from the bashers in social media. She is hurt as well that Jake is being pointed as a cheater when "we all know what happened before."

There were reports that Andi and Jake were in a relationship when Andi suddenly became pregnant with Albie Casino's daughter.

Right now, Laarni just wants Jake to focus on his studies. He will be graduating with a degree in political science next October. Jake is studying in Singapore.

Her advice to Jake amid rumors that he and Andi have gotten back together is quite simple: for him to not only think about today, but his future as well.

It's saddening to think that Jake is being dragged into this mess because out of her three children--Jake, Jeriko and Jacob--Jake is the most quiet and most private.

Jake mentioned before that Andi is his "greatest love." Laarni doesn't want to comment about it or even to advice her son about it because it's hard to fight against what one feels.

Hopefully, Jake will have more wisdom as he ages. She has been through the same path, too, Laarni said, so she just relaxes and let her children learn from their mistakes.

All she can say is, she is the true love of Jake.

Although she didn't admit that she and her family is against Andi for Jake, she also did not deny it. However, Laarni said that all she wants for her son is a happy and complete family life.

Nothing is permanent in this world, so she wants Jake to have an "intact" family. He is still young and Andi is still young and busy with her career.

Actually, Laarni said that Veronica Jones, Andi's aunt, is a good friend of hers. Veronica is the elder sister of Jaclyn Jose, Andi's mother.

Meanwhile, Laarni also answered issues about Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada's statement before, saying he doesn't want Bernard Palanca for his daughter, Jerika, even though they have a baby already.

Jerika is reportedly Erap's favorite daughter.

Laarni said hopefully, they will make the right decisions as Christians. "Every family naman has their own issues, nothing is perfect in this world."

It's all in God's time, Laarni said.

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Laarni Enriquez Is Confident Son Jake Ejercito Will Be Vindicated

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