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Carla Abellana Is Open To Become A Director In The Future

Carla Abellana has potentials to be a director in the future, her on-screen partner and rumored beau Tom Rodriguez said in one interview.

Carla wasn't thinking about it but now that Tom mentioned it, she believes she will be able to be good at it if she tries her hand on directing. She can try, she added.

Carla has a tendency to be technical when making series or films. She looks at the angle of the camera, the lights, the blocking, etc.

Tom also said he learned a lot from Carla acting-wise. She said that Tom had a lot of questions even before they started making the hit series "My Husband's Lover." He always asks about lights, blocking, cameras and acting itself.

Tom is not afraid to admit that he still has a lot to learn in this industry, Carla said. Tom always tells her and Dennis Trillo that he learned a lot from them during the show.

Carla is only too happy to know she contributed something to Tom's maturity as an actor.

Although she and Tom have been very open about their admiration of each other, Carla said she has yet to commit herself fully to the actor in a relationship.

She hopes they can have a date--just the two of them. They are both busy that they don't even have time for that. They only take breaks for lunch and dinner since they are finishing their second series, "My Destiny."

Carla and Tom label each other as "very good friends." She considers Tom a really good friend of hers--someone she can talk to about anything under the sun.

Asked if she's ready to fall in love again after her breakup with Geoff Eigenmann, Carla said she wants to think first about it. As of now, she doesn't even have the time to reflect whether or not she's ready to be in a relationship again.

She is not envious of other showbiz couples who got engaged already such as Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Carla said they are more experienced when it comes to handling their relationship in showbiz.

Many thought Carla and Geoff will end up together.

One day, she, too, will have her own time. She wanted to get married by the age of 27 before, but she's already 28 years old now. Hopefully, once she gets to 30, there will be someone already.

Meanwhile, Carla also reacted to observations that she looks like Marian. Will she be the next Kapuso primetime queen? Marian should not give up that title, she added, because she doesn't even know what it takes to be called such.

She feels honored, however, that a lot of people think she's "next in line" to Marian, who had a series of successful TV shows during her prime.

Carla also reacted to Gina Alajar interview where she said she's open to work with Carla in the future. Gina is Geoff's mother.

Carla said she would be honored to work with Gina, who she starred in before in a film. She doesn't know how she is as a director, however. Maybe she can also get some pointers since she wants to direct someday.

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Carla Abellana Is Open To Become A Director In The Future

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