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Katrina Halili Initiates Breakup With Kris Lawrence

Katrina Halili admitted she was the one who initiated the breakup with Kris Lawrence, with whom she has a daughter. She just decided that she wants to do many things in her life, and so does Kris.

They are both not ready to be in a relationship. They were previously rumored to be engaged, but Kris and Katrina continued to live in different houses despite having a daughter already.

She also denied that there was a third party involved in their breakup.

How did Kris accept the breakup? Katrina said he cannot do anything about it because the relationship wasn't smooth sailing anymore. They would be better off as friends since there's nothing wrong with it.

She doesn't have romantic feelings for Kris anymore. She simply wants them to be friends for their daughter, Katie. As parents, they are both okay. In fact, Kris always visits Katie at her house, so he can spend time with her.

Asked whether the problem was financial support, Katrina refused to comment and said she doesn't want an issue to crop up between them.

The most important thing is that he helps with raising Katie. They see each other every day since they live not far from each other. It’s just that the romantic feelings suddenly disappeared.

Katrina is not closing her doors on Kris, so maybe in the future, they can work things out.

She doesn't care anymore on what people will say about her and Kris. She's simply working and taking care of her daughter. She's not doing anything wrong, Katrina said.

She's working for herself and for Katie, and not going on dates with different boys.

Now that she has gotten back her sexy figure, is she ready to post for FHM again? Katrina said that for a time, she questioned why she agreed to pose for the men's magazine, and then she realized that she should be proud of herself that she's confident with her body.

She also reacted to Dr. Hayden Kho Jr.'s new image of being a Christian. Hayden was the culprit in the sex video scandal that pushed Katrina to file a medical case against him.

Hayden lost his medical license for two years, but he was reinstated earlier this year.

For a time, Katrina said she lost confidence on herself and she didn't care anymore about anything. She lately realized that she loves her work and she must love herself, too.

She's happy for Hayden if it's true that he has a renewed faith to the Lord. They are not evil people, she said, adding that they were merely instruments. The most important thing is they both learned from it, and they realized a lot of things.

Katrina said she wants to be a better mother, daughter and sister.

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Katrina Halili Initiates Breakup With Kris Lawrence

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