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Derek Ramsay Does Not Expect Mary Christine Jolly's Decision

Derek Ramsay was surprised that his estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly withdrew the Violence Against Women and the Children (VAWC) case against him.

Atty. Argee Guevarra, Mary's legal counsel, said they decided to withdraw the case because they felt they will not receive fair judicial process in the Makati Prosecutor's Office. Instead, Mary's camp plans to file it before the Department of Justice.

Derek said that Mary's reason is an insult to the Makati Prosecutor's Office, and he is not aware of what she's trying to imply that he has some kind of influence over that particular court.

Some of Mary's assertions include that there are negotiations now for a settlement between her and Derek, something that the actor denied because they even filed concubinage charges against him and former girlfriend Angelica Panganiban in Paranaque.

He added that Mary was the one who filed the case in Makati and yet, she's alleging that Derek is trying to control the proceedings there.

He does not want to get stressed because of this issue anymore, so he's just going to wait and see what Mary's next step would be, and then answer their allegations.

Meanwhile, Derek and Kris Aquino were seen attending a fashion show last October 13. Kris is being dragged into the issue because she is being pointed as the "influential person" behind Derek.

The actor denied this, and said Kris has been a friend to him through these times, but she has not influenced in any way the decision of the court. Kris is the youngest sister of President Benigno Aquino III.

Derek said all he wants was for everything to be fair--for him, Mary and their son.

He also answered the concubinage charges filed by Mary against him and Angelica. He does not understand why she has to drag Angelica into it when they are already separated.

Angelica is now with John Lloyd Cruz. He thought it was about their son, so Derek does not understand why Mary is out against his ex-girlfriends.

He already talked to Tita Annabelle (Angelica's mother) to apologize to her. She said some nice things to Derek--that she defended him against bashers and he's a part of their family already.

Derek said he was touched by what she said. He also apologized to Angelica, who listened to his explanations. Angelica apparently accepted his apology.

Derek felt sad that somebody has to be dragged into their issue. This is another strategy for Mary, he added.

He also lamented that Mary's camp has something bad to say about his apology to Angelica. Mary said he was able to apologize to Angelica for being dragged into the issue, but he has never apologized to her and their son.

Derek explained that Angelica is like a family to him, and he is part of her's. "I feel bad that she’s being dragged into something that she’s not part of, she shouldn’t be part of." He doesn't understand why they needed to criticize even that.

Derek admitted being annoyed by Mr. Guevarra because he's so used to judging him and what he feels about his son.

In the end, Derek said he's fighting for his son. They had an agreement before, and Mary chose to ignore that. Derek will not give in to the P48 million lump sum she's been asking from him.

He doesn't want to be emotional, but he's only thinking about his son. He doesn't see him and he doesn't know where he is. He just wants to be a father to him.

The actor recalled that he rushed to the Makati Prosecutor's Office when he found out Mary brought along their son with her to file her affidavit. He was also surprised that his son allegedly wrote a letter against him.

He then agreed to settle with her, but he got a phone call demanding that he also pay for Mary's lawyers and that he must provide a downpayment.

That agreement to settle never prospered.

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Derek Ramsay Does Not Expect Mary Christine Jolly's Decision

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