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Kylie Padilla Gets Traumatized By Relationship With Aljur Abrenica

Kylie Padilla admitted that she felt traumatized by her past relationship with Aljur Abrenica, which ended amid controversies that Aljur has an affair with Louise Delos Reyes.

She felt betrayed by Aljur because he did not fight for her, and she felt powerless because she was in Australia at that time. It's not that easy to move on from the breakup. Although Aljur is out of her life already, the pain of what happened is still in her heart.

Kylie admitted that she and Aljur still have communication. They sometimes text each other. But only as friends, the actress clarified.

She questions herself if it's right that she's still texting with him. Aljur was trying to win her back then, but he's been quiet lately maybe because he also saw that she's happier now without him.

She doesn't want to go back to the past anymore. There's a reason why it has to end, Kylie said, adding that it has been easy for her lately to work because Aljur has no current projects with GMA-7.

Aljur's career has been stagnant ever since he asked the network to release him from their contract.

There were rumors that Aljur has a gay benefactor, but Kylie said the one being linked to him is a longtime friend of the actor's. Although she cannot 100 percent say that Aljur would never be with a man, Kylie maintained she wouldn't be the one to judge him if ever he does that.

She's open to working with her ex-boyfriend. She even wants to star in a love story with him because she knows their acting would be realistic.

Asked if there is a possiblity for them to fall for each other again, Kylie said she doesn't think so.

Kylie also clarified rumors that her father, Robin Padilla, is planning to get physical with Aljur because of what he did. Her father wouldn't hurt anyone.

She shared that Robin is stricter when it comes to her career because he understands that she wants to take a break from her lovelife.

Meanwhile, Kylie maintained that her relationship with her "Ilustrado" co-star Alden Richards is purely professional. He never crossed the line.

If ever Alden would court her, Kylie said she still won't be ready. Even Alden is aware of her feelings, and they are okay as friends.

Also, Alden is also not ready for a relationship since he's very focused on his career. He always advises Kylie to just focus on what she wants to do.

However, she also thinks that she and Alden would make a great pair because they think alike. For now, though, it is better for them to just focus on their careers.

Kylie is also being linked to her "Dilim" co-star Rayver Cruz. She likes him because he's not egoistic at all.

They are "pretty close," but they never went out on a date. If they ever did, that was with friends. Kylie just admitted that they regularly exchange text messages.

There's a chance that she will fall for Rayver, but Kylie took it back immediately, saying it was only a joke.

She shared that it's a different feeling to work with an ABS-CBN artist. Kylie is from GMA-7 while Rayver is from the Kapamilya network.

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Kylie Padilla Gets Traumatized By Relationship With Aljur Abrenica

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