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Bench Controversy Affects Coco Martin's Other Endorsements

Coco Martin's other endorsements were affected by the Bench fashion show controversy, wherein the actor was lambasted by women's group Gabriela for agreeing to a segment in a show where he was holding a woman model by a rope tied around her neck.

Gabriela first criticized the concept of the segment of The Naked Truth. They also commented on Coco's participation in the fashion show.

Coco admitted he was saddened by what Gabriela thought is a demeaning act to women. Bench had to issue a statement regarding the issue, and apologized to Coco for being dragged into the controversy.

However, the award-winning actor said he's feeling better now because he's able to survive that incident.

He was seriously affected by the controversy because all he wants to do is to work hard for his family. For his part, he felt he did not do anything wrong until Gabriela called his attention to it.

He admitted that his fault was in not looking deeply into the issue, and for not analyzing what was asked from him.

Coco received a huge support from his fans, though, during the controversy. A lot of people defended him from the issue, saying he was only doing his work. The actor said that's when he realized who's there for him and who's not.

But aside from that, Coco is also happy that his business relationship with Bench was not affected by the issue. Bench has been supportive of him from the start.

He also talked to Bench owner Ben Chan about it when he shot the retail company's Christmas campaign the other day. They apologized to each other, especially because they didn't think it would such a huge problem.

Ben apologized to him because he was affected by the issue, but Coco said he completely understands and no one wished for what happened.

He clarified, however, that he's not against Gabriela for calling their attention to the matter. He also apologized to the women's group and to others who were offended by the segment.

Coco became more aware of his social responsibility as an actor. Although he has always been aware of what he should do, there are times that he also misses out on things.

He already talked to Gabriela about the issue, and his endorsements all came back after he apologized to the group.

Maybe his endorsements just waited to see how he would handle the issue before opening negotiations with him again. He decided to be active in fighting women's causes, too. He will be attending some of Gabriela's events in the future.

"Kumbaga, yun lang naman ang pagkakataon ko masuklian o masuportahan lalo na yung mga kababaihan."

Meanwhile, now that his teleserye "Ikaw Lamang" is coming to a close, Coco shared some of his insights about working with Kim Chiu and their hit series.

He will miss a lot about Kim, who he has worked with for almost a year. This is one of his most challenging projects to date because he had to do romantic-comedy and action-drama all at once.

He already worked with Kim before, but he noticed how much she has changed over the years. He is also a different actor now because he usually suggests some scenes for the series.

After the series, he will be filming "Feng Shui 2" for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2014. Coco will be working with Kris Aquino for the first time.

Coco has not heard of any new teleserye for him after "Ikaw Lamang." He, however, does not want to relax because, like Kim, he came from humble beginnings also. He wants to accept all projects as long as they're coming his way.

"Kung meron, hanggang nandiyan, hangga’t may dumarating sige lang nang sige." Coco understands that everything will come to an end in the future. The most important thing is he's already prepared for it.

What can the viewers expect from "Ikaw Lamang"? Coco hopes they can surpass what Book 1 was able to deliver. As much as possible, he wants a happy ending for the characters.

He had a great time bonding with Kim, and he thinks of her as his little sister. Hopefully, they'll get work together in the future again.

Although they all fear the end of the series, Coco said they are still too busy to think or be emotional about it. He bonded well with Dennis Padilla and Smokey Manaloto because they share one room.

For his next series, Coco wants something kid-friendly like "Juan de la Cruz."

Coco will turn 32 on November 1. He only wants a simple celebration but since he's also celebrating his 10 years in the business, his manager wants a grand party.

Coco wants to travel because he wasn't able to do this since he has been too busy with work. All his travels abroad are for work.

He wants to go to Boracay, Batanes, Sagada and Palawan. He doesn't want to spend money for that, though. As much as possible, Coco wants out-of-town-shows to pay for his travels.

Coco prefers to travel around the Philippines because he has visited a lot of foreign lands when he was still doing indie films. He joined a lot of international festivals.

He does not have someone special in his life now. He joked that he may find someone when he goes out-of-town.

Coco has been in a number of relationships already, so he just wants to focus on his work now.

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Bench Controversy Affects Coco Martin's Other Endorsements

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