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Solenn Heussaff Gets Tired Being Asked About Derek Ramsay

As much as possible, Solenn Heussaff doesn't want to talk about her ex-boyfriend Derek Ramsay anymore. Ever since she entered showbiz, she has been asked about him already.

Lately, Solenn has been answering questions left and right about Derek because of the VAWC complaint filed against him by his estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly.

She doesn't have anything to do with that issue anymore because they have broken up long before she entered showbiz, and she didn't know about his marriage.

Her live-in boyfriend, Nico Bolzico, is aware that Solenn is being asked about Derek. He doesn't mind that because for them, everyone has already moved on.

She also reacted to what her friend Anne Curtis said that she's going to get married to her boyfriend next year. Anne is the girlfriend of Solenn's younger brother, Erwan Heussaff.

It was only a joke on Anne's parts, Solenn said, adding that they have been living in for three years already, so maybe that wedding will happen in the near future.

But until the public sees a ring on her finger, then it means there are no plans for her and Nico to get married yet. She won't even put it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, Solenn said.

She uses her Instagram for her work, so if ever she gets engaged, she'd like to keep that to herself. She felt that she has shared herself to the public through social media.

She understands the public fascination on engagements because everyone gets excited about it. Even her, when she sees couples getting engaged, she becomes instantly giddy about the thought of marriage.

Solenn also doesn't want to ride on the bandwagon just because a lot of celebrity couples are getting engaged this year.

They don't talk about when Nico is going to propose because she wants to be surprised. If she will ever get married, Solenn said that she will only share her wedding when it's all done. She might even share it to a bridal book.

Solenn rejected the idea of holding press conferences just to give out details about her wedding. She wants to surprise the people as well.

She wants to get married abroad, most probably in France. She wants a simple wedding--no catering, simple table setting, and around 40 to 60 guests.

She denied that she will shoulder the cost of airfare and accommodation for her future guests. She will only pay for the clothes and make-up but her guests would have to shoulder the other expenses.

Solenn doesn't get excited anymore about the prospect of living together because she and Nico are like husband and wife anyway, except for the legality. She is more interested in the idea that all their friends will be there.

Her relationship with Nico worked out not because they are both foreigners, but because their needs and wants match. Solenn doesn't look at the nationality of a prospective boyfriend. She dated a lot of Filipinos in the past.

She knows that Nico is the one for her. It doesn't take a genius to see that he supports her in everything he does. She had four serious relationships in the past, and there is a reason why each one of them didn't work out.

Their relationship is very relaxed, and Nico gets along well with her friends and family. She even gave an example of how relaxing their relationship is.

She went home at 7AM one morning from taping of "Ilustrado." She saw Nico sleeping, so she slept, too. When she woke up, he wasn't there anymore. There's no need for them to update each other about everything they do.

Solenn also reacted about Anne's and Erwan's relationship. She maintained that she likes Anne for her brother. There was even once instance she said she will hurt Erwan if he breaks Anne's heart.

Solenn saw them grow as a couple, so she knows they are meant for each other. However, she is sure Erwan has no plans yet to settle down because he's only 27 years old. Maybe, when he's 32 years old already, the actress-model said.

Meanwhile, Solenn won't be attending Dingdong Dantes' and Marian Rivera's wedding on December 30. She is not invited and she will also be one of the bridesmaids of Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero.

Solenn denied that her being a bridesmaid at Heart's wedding was the reason Marian won't be inviting her. She and Marian are not super close, so she understands that she wants only her close friends in her wedding.

Solenn has been friends with Heart for nine years, even before she joined showbiz. She is happy for both Heart and Marian, she said.

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Solenn Heussaff Gets Tired Being Asked About Derek Ramsay

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