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Jaclyn Jose Advises Daughter Andi To Respect Herself

If there's one advice veteran actress Jaclyn Jose has for her daughter Andi Eigenmann it's to respect herself, so others will respect her as well. She also wants Andi to be more discreet about her personal life, especially about her struggles in her lovelife with on-and-off boyfriend Jake Ejercito.

Andi is a very transparent person, Jaclyn said, to the point that whatever is in her head and heart will come out of her mouth.

She defended her daughter, however, against bashers on social media who are criticizing her for her lifestyle. As long as it doesn't affect her work, it should not concern the public. She is disciplined and professional, Jaclyn said.

In fact, she is doing a movie with director Tikoy Aguiluz so even though she has fun at night, she is still able to go to work at 6AM. She was never late and whatever her escapades away from work are, that's her business.

What Jaclyn wants is for Andi to learn how to play this industry. It's more than just doing movies and having projects, she said. There is also a responsibility, and she has to be careful with her actions. She has to give herself privacy.

Jaclyn doesn't want to interfere anymore in Andi's life because that's how he molded her. She needed to be strong and to learn things on her own because she was always working when Andi was growing up.

"E, ayan ang bunga ng ginawa ko." She joked that maybe Andi got that kind of attitude from Mark Gil, her late father. But seriously, Jaclyn thinks it comes naturally from Andi. She is also like her--frank and transparent and honest--but she knows how to edit her words before it comes out from her mouth.

Although Andi has a very turbulent relationship with Jake, Jaclyn said she still loves Jake like a son. She and Jake's mother, Laarni Enriquez, got pregnant at the same time. Jake and Andi grew up together, and she left Andi with Laarni when she has to work.

Jaclyn saw Jake grow up, and she loves him like a son even before he became Andi's boyfriend and even despite reports that his family doesn't like Andi.

The veteran actress chooses to set these things aside because it is not only Jake she loved as a son, but also his siblings Jerika and Jacob.

Laarni is aware of Jaclyn's feelings, and she knows Laarni loves her daughter and her sister Veronica Jones', Andi's cousins, children.

Jaclyn doesn't want to contest Laarni's opinions against Andi, or why she doesn't like Andi for her son. That is her right as a mother.

They just didn't realize Andi and Jake would fall for each other because they grew up practically as siblings. They even spend their New Years together in Laarni's residence in Wack-Wack.

Maybe the reason why Laarni doesn't like Andi for her son is because the actress got pregnant at an early age. Maybe, Jaclyn said, because that's a first reaction for any parent. Laarni simply wants what's best for Jake.

But Andi's pregnancy is a fact that Jaclyn has to accept and cannot turn away from. She's now taking care of Ellie, Andi's daughter. Andi may transfer to her new home before the end of this month.

Jaclyn allowed her to go because she has to learn to live her life. She made sure, though, that she's going to borrow Ellie when Andi has to work.

She admitted that her friendship with Laarni was affected because of what happened to Andi and Jake. The two are rumored to have broken up, although some said they are still together.

Jaclyn, however, said that if she sees Laarni, she will surely say "hi" to her because their friendship has a strong foundation. Laarni is closer to Jaclyn's older sister, Veronica. She believes she and Laarni are always going to be friends, but they just don't communicate now while the issue is hot to avoid clashing.

She doesn't regret letting Andi and Jake grow up together because nobody though it'll end up like this. That time, Andi and Jake even always argue.

Andi and Jake are present in almost all of their family gatherings and birthday parties because they have the same age. Even the two of them were surprised that they ended up falling for each other, Jaclyn said.

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Jaclyn Jose Advises Daughter Andi To Respect Herself

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