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Rafael Rosell Thinks Girlfriend Olivia Medina Is The One

Rafael Rosell and his girlfriend model Olivia Medina have been together for a year but already, Rafael thinks she's the one for him.

Two years ago, he and his friend made a checklist of what his future girlfriend should be. Olivia has qualified for that checklist.

He shared how they have gotten to know each other. Olivia was in Canada then for a vacation, and they joked on Instagram that they should go out on a date.

They chatted over the Internet to the point that they lose sleep because they just click. They talked a lot and have gotten to know each other.

On Rafael's birthday last year, Olivia came home and surprised him. That was their first meeting, but they didn't immediately become a couple, of course.

They started out as friends and it took them five dates before they decided to be a couple. They don't believe in anniversaries, although they will probably celebrate it on November 10, Rafael's birthday.

Olivia will most likely come home from Canada. Is it hard to be in a long-distance relationship? Rafael said he had been in some before, and their separation lasted for six to two years. It's easier with Olivia because they're only separated for one month.

Asked if they are talking about marriage, Rafael said he learned from his past relationships that wedding talk becomes a reason for conflict. For now, Olivia is the one for him and he sees a future with her.

He wouldn't be in a relationship with her unless he sees her in the future as a wife.

Meanwhile, Rafael is starring in "Dilim" as Quinito. He's not only a nice guy there, but someone who's keeping a dark side as well.

He likes his character here because he's able to be the victimizer than the victim. He's drawn to more complex and complicated characters.

He likes the bad characters, the psychopaths because these are the things he's not able to do in real life.

Rafael said he wants to believe that he's a good person in reality. Doing bad characters is like a therapy for him.

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Rafael Rosell Thinks Girlfriend Olivia Medina Is The One

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