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Judy Ann Santos Wants To Work With Claudine Barretto

Judy Ann Santos said she has been asking Star Cinema to plot a movie for her and Claudine Barretto. Juday and Claudine were previously in competition of the title of teleserye queen.

She has been requesting that from Star Cinema since two to three years ago. She's hoping that this will come true in the future.

Meanwhile, "T'yanak" director Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes have been raving about Juday's portrayal of her character in the remake of the 1988 horror movie. It starred Janice de Belen before.

The directors are very much in awe of how Juday brought to life her character. She's playing the mother of the "T'yanak." Juday was able to portray the role of a mother who loves her child very well.

"T'yanak" is one of the entries for the Sineng Pambansa Horror Plus Movie Film Fest organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines. It will come to theaters from October 29 to November 4.

Juday appreciated the comments from Direk Peque and Direk Lore. She revealed that working with the two directors was in her bucket list. When the two retired, she thought she had no chance to work with them anymore.

She heard about Direk Peque's and Direk Lore's professionalism from people they worked with before. So when the project was offered to her, it was very easy for her to say "yes" to them.

"I have to experience them for myself para malaman ko kung ano ba ang palagay nila sa akin." She appreciated that Direk Peque and Direk Lore allowed her to give insights on the scenes they are shooting. It's nice to know that you are also being respected for your craft, Juday said.

"Meron kang hands-on sa craft mo because it’s also part of your work and at the same time, I don’t really want to let them down."

She wasn't pressured in working with them, although she was really excited for it. Whatever they want from her, she made sure to do it because she doesn't want to disappoint them.

Juday admitted that Direk Lore told her to change her acting from teleserye. They know she is more used to acting on TV. It's an honest opinion, and one Juday respects.

She likes hearing things like these from directors because it will make her better in her craft.

As early as now, Juday is sure already that "T'yanak" would be her favorite film.

Her children, Yohan and Lucho, want to see the film. Juday already made them watch the trailer. Juday joked she owes a lot to the film because she's able to scare Lucho to brush his teeth and sleep early.

Maybe Yohan would be more mature to watch the film, the actress said. Yohan is her adopted daughter.

The poster for "T'yanak" shows Juday in an action scene from the film. Juday said this is the first time in 15 years that she's the only one in the poster, so she would like to frame it.

Asked if Lucho wants a baby brother already, Juday joked her son could be bipolar at times. Sometimes, it's okay with him. Sometimes, it's not because he wants to be a baby still.

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Judy Ann Santos Wants To Work With Claudine Barretto

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