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Matteo Guidicelli Is Not Using Sarah Geronimo For Promo

Matteo Guidicelli doesn't want his girlfriend's name, Sarah Geronimo, to be mentioned in connection to his new movie "Moron 5.2." This was after allegations that he has been using her name to promote his film.

Matteo replaced Martin Escudero in the original "Moron 5" movie.

The actor denied using Sarah's name to promote the movie, and said the people don't know what's actually happening during press conferences.

There are some members of the press who like asking him about his girlfriend so out of respect for them, he has to answer the questions even if it's not connected to the movie.

As much as possible, he tries to minimize the mention of Sarah's name because he wants to promote the movie with the cast and not with the Popstar Princess.

He hopes the public can understand that it is not his intention to mention her name when there's a press conference for the movie.

Asked if he becomes touchy when his castmates--Luis Manzano, Marvin Agustin, Billy Crawford and DJ Durano--tease him, Matteo said he couldn't be onion-skinned because anyone who gets easily mad will lose in their trading of barbs.

Matteo, however, also asked the press not to ask him about his sex life anymore. There was an instant before when Billy joked that Matteo has zero sex life. Sarah's parents are very strict and overprotective.

Although the topic can be a little sensitive, Matteo said Sarah wasn't affected by it and in fact, everything is fine between them. How about Mommy Divine Geronimo? Matteo has no idea how she reacted to that issue.

As much as possible, Matteo doesn't want Sarah's name mentioned when he's promoting the film.

He doesn't get affected by rumors that he's using Sarah because she's more popular than him. He wants to create a name for himself and create his own path in showbiz.

Of course, the reality is Sarah is a big star, and people will think what they want to think. However, Matteo wants to prove himself through "Moron 5.2." Hopefully, the viewers will appreciate it.

Sarah understands why she's being asked to Matteo, but it is his choice not to talk about her and their relationship. He maintained, though, that he and Sarah are okay.

When he was asked about Mommy Divine and rumors that they are required to bring a chaperone along on their dates, Matteo did not answer anymore.

Meanwhile, Matteo said he had a nice experience working with Luis, Marvin, Billy and DJ. In their first movie, Marvin was the one who was guiding him. This is his first full-length comedy film.

Direk Wenn Deramas also guided him in his scenes.

There was one instance though that the group decided to play a prank on Matteo. When Billy was jailed following the Star Magic Ball, everyone told Matteo that he was the reason Billy was angry that night because he left him when the latter was drunk already.

Matteo explained that they both had some drinks, but it is not true he was the one who let Billy get drunk. It was their close friend who asked them to drink.

When he woke up, he was just surprised that Billy was jailed already. Matteo remember that Billy was very stressed the next time he saw him.

His co-stars said his naiveté is what's funny about Matteo.

There are rumors that Sarah would be Matteo's surprise leading lady in the movie, but the actor denied this. He said the public is well aware who the leading ladies are for Billy, Luis, DJ and Marvin. They would be surprised with his.

He didn't expect it, too, because he was surprised when he saw her on the set.

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Matteo Guidicelli Is Not Using Sarah Geronimo For Promo

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