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Claudine Barretto Is Ready For Showbiz Comeback

Claudine Barretto is ready to get back to her first love--acting. She's happy that her contemporary, Judy Ann Santos, said she wants to work with Claudine. The two were former rivals on ABS-CBN.

It has always been a dream for the two of them, Claudine said, adding that a lot of people don't know she and Juday are really good friends.

They went through a lot of things together--some good and some bad. There was a time in their lives that they had each other's back--that time they decided to adopt their daughters (Yohan for Juday and Sabina for Claudine).

They just don't let the public know how much they are close to each other because it is sometimes being given a different meaning.

Claudine said she doesn't know when their project will come into fruition because that is not lined up for her. Hopefully, their dream will come true in the future. She will be doing a movie that will be co-produced by Viva Films and Star Cinema.

Juday, Claudine said, is a wonderful person and a friend.

Claudine hasn't been seen in any projects for about three years now. Although she missed acting in teleseryes and movies, Claudine said she decided to focus on her children--Sabina and Santino--especially when their family was going through a tough time with her estranged husband Raymart Santiago.

It's really important that her children are all secured and that they know she is there for him. She would never choose her career over her children. She feels blessed because there was never a lack of offers for her; it's just that she was the one who had to reject the projects.

Now, everything is ready and even her children allowed her to go back to work.

Claudine is very proud of her children--Santino is a second honor at Ateneo while Sabina is a first honor in MNLS. Sabina got six certificates while Santino had four.

Since the holidays are just around the corner, is Claudine ready to let Raymart see their children? She said it's all up to the court because she's getting tired trying to force Raymart to make an effort to bond with the kids.

She already came to the point that she doesn't care anymore if Raymart wants to be a father to their kids or not. He doesn't even thank her for taking care of the kids well, so everything she does will always evoke negative comments from him.

Claudine said she didn't anymore attend the wake of her mother-in-law, Cielieto Legaspi-Santiago. She felt she wasn't a part of their family anymore, so there's no need to go to the wake.

However, she let Sabina and Santino attend the wake after Raymart's request. She told her estranged husband to explain to the kids what happened to their grandmother.

At that time, her aunt is also celebrating her 80th birthday, so Claudine chose to attend it with her family.

Meanwhile, Claudine refused to comment on her nieces’--Julia and Claudia--petition to legally change their surnames to Barretto. Julia and Claudia are the daughters of Marjorie Barretto with Dennis Padilla. Their legal names should be Baldivia.

Although she has an issue with sisters Marjorie and Gretchen, Claudine said she still wants what's best for her nieces. However, she doesn't want to interfere into her sister's family life.

Whatever her opinion is on the matter, she wants to keep it to herself. Whatever happens, Julia, Claudia and Leon have her 100 percent support.

Daniella, Marjorie's daughter with Kier Legaspi, is out of the question because she doesn't want to admit she grew up with her aunt.

There were times that she missed Marjorie, but she brushes this aside when she remembers what happened between them.

However, as much as there is a misunderstanding between them, Claudine doesn't want to say anything that will result to Marjorie losing her children. There's karma for that, she said.

Is there still a chance they will mend fences? Claudine doesn't see them fixing their issues in the future.

Asked about her parents Inday and Miguel, the former actress said they are doing good despite the controversies. They just don't think about the negative things around them, and let the court decide on it.

She mentioned about the rumor that Raymart may be living in with actress Bettina Carlos. She shrugged this off, saying they can get jailed for that.

For Claudine's part, she has suitors now but she doesn't want to entertain anyone since she's still married. She doesn't want to do what Raymart is doing.

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Claudine Barretto Is Ready For Showbiz Comeback

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