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Vic Sotto Not Joking Around In Relationship With Pauleen Luna

Pauleen Luna is not going to be Vic Sotto's leading lady in the Sirena episode of "My Big Bossing," an entry into the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Vic explained it's more than just a small role because there are complications to it since Pauleen needs to put on prosthetics.

This is the third project that the couple worked in together, but Pauleen has yet to play Vic's leading lady in the movies.

But for the premiere comedian, what's important is that Pauleen will be a part of the movie because she seems to be his lucky charm. The TV host-actress sees no need for her to be Vic's leading lady because they have different career paths and she is his leading lady in real life, anyway.

Vic said that they understand each other, and they know what they want in the future. Although there are a lot of people asking what his plans for Pauleen are, Vic said he doesn't mind these because it might just affect their relationship.

Whatever their decisions are, the public will know about it in the future.

At his age, Vic is not about to play games with his relationships anymore. He just wants to have privacy in his relationship with Pauleen.

Will their statuses change next year? Vic joked that the media should just check out his Facebook. Pauleen informed that Vic has no Facebook and instead, he merely uses her account.

Changing the status is very easy, the TV host-actress said, because what's important is their deep commitment to each other.

Vic shared that he's building a new house, although he did not mention if this will be the house he will live in with Pauleen in the future.

Meanwhile, he has yet to talk to his kids regarding his plans with Pauleen. He has kids with former partners Dina Bonnevie, Coney Reyes and Angela Luz.

He's very open with his kids, and they know what he wants. However, it is still too early to say what they plan for the future. Vic said his kids will be happy for him.

If ever Pauleen will become his wife, Vic will not impose on what she wants to do, although he would prefer her to be a housewife.

For Pauleen, she doesn't want to get overwhelmed with a lot of things, and just simply wants to live in the present.

Vic said Pauleen is an ideal partner and an ideal wife. Their personalities really match, and they understand each other a lot.

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Vic Sotto Not Joking Around In Relationship With Pauleen Luna

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