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Ruffa Gutierrez And Annabelle Rama In Twitter War

Ruffa Gutierrez walked out from her own mother's, Annabelle Rama's, birthday dinner after she was allegedly embarrassed by the former.

The dinner party happened on October 25, Saturday, at the 71 Gramercy.

The two took to Twitter to air their grievances against each other. Annabelle was the first one to fire the shot. She referred to Ruffa's new unidentified boyfriend as "P.G." or "patay gutom."

Annabelle's series of tweets accused Ruffa of thinking that just because she walked out from her dinner party, the event was ruined. The feisty talent manager said they continued with the party, and that she wasn't interfering in Ruffa's life because she is only exercising her right as a mother.

Ever since before, they always argue about Ruffa's lovelife. Annabelle asked if it was too much to ask for Ruffa to find someone with an educational degree, a businessman and someone who earns money?

She alleged that they (Annabelle and Eddie Gutierrez) did not try to send Ruffa to the best schools just so she can end up with a "P.G."

Ruffa's current relationship is a waste of her beauty and intelligence, Annabelle said, adding that her choices have no comparison to her dad, Eddie, who's handsome and hardworking.

Annabelle alleged that Ruffa always invites her boyfriend to watch "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez," the E! reality series featuring the family, that she makes sure to insult her daughter’s boyfriend every episode. She challenged Ruffa to let him watch the newest episode, so that he will be discouraged by Annabelle's rudeness.

Ruffa replied to these tweets with her own. On her first tweet, the former beauty queen said that being her mother doesn't give Annabelle the right to embarrass her in front of people and their own family.

Ruffa is a mother too, she said, and she will never do that to her daughters--Lorine and Venice. She explained why she had to walk out: because Annabelle already crossed the line by trying to be funny at her expense.

If Annabelle is not embarrassed by her actions for herself, she should at least try to respect her family.

Ruffa lamented that not one from her family contacted her to ask her if she's alright. Only Sarah Lahbati, her brother Richard's girlfriend, asked her how she was feeling.

Although she was forced to speak against her mother, Ruffa said she will not take back what she said because she's not 16 years old anymore, and she needs to speak up for herself and take a stand.

Ruffa has yet to admit who she's dating now. Her last rumored boyfriend was French-Arab businessman Jordan Mouyal.

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Ruffa Gutierrez And Annabelle Rama In Twitter War

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