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Elmo Magalona Opens Up About Relationship With Janine Gutierrez

Elmo Magalona said his relationship with Janine Gutierrez started after they did "Villa Quintana," and not while they were taping for it.

Asked if he has a crush on Janine back then, Elmo simply asked who wouldn't admire Janine? He's happy that they are finally out in the open, and that they can reveal how they feel about each other now.

He just recently admitted their relationship, although they did say in the past that they are exclusively dating.

Elmo feels blessed that he's able to work with the person he loves, so they can bond more and he has gotten to know Janine better.

He said they never planned to admit their relationship, but they were pressured by the questions thrown at them by the reporters.

Elmo wanted to surprise his girlfriend, though. Besides, he should be the one to announce that they are officially together already.

He refused to give details as to when they became officially a couple. What's important is that they are both happy with their relationship.

They celebrate their monthsaries by simply going out for dinner.

Elmo and Janine already travelled outside the country. He surprised the actress with a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland because that's one of her dreams.

He joked that he's always gallant when it comes to Janine. They were with her other friends, too. Elmo wished that Janine would be more successful in her career.

The actor-rapper is happy that Janine's parents--Lotlot de Leon and Ramon Christopher--entrusted their daughter to him.

Lotlot was said to be impressed when Elmo admitted that he and Janine are a couple. He thought she wouldn't like what they did.

His mother, Pia Magalona, is also enamored by Janine. Pia doesn't interfere in his relationships.

Meanwhile, Elmo also answered his rumored ex-girlfriend Lauren Young's comment that she and the actor-rapper can never be close friends again.

Elmo said she's really closer to his siblings than him, anyway. He doesn't want to force things between him and Janine and Lauren.

If they see each other, they would probably say "hi" to the actress. However, Elmo doesn't seem to like the idea of working with Lauren, although he won't be unprofessional.

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Elmo Magalona Opens Up About Relationship With Janine Gutierrez

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