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Annabelle Rama Explains Feud With Ruffa Gutierrez

Annabelle Rama thanked those who supported her amid her feud with daughter Ruffa Gutierrez. Annabelle is celebrating her 62nd birthday today.

The feud started when Ruffa walked out from an intimate dinner with the Gutierrez clan last October 25 because her mother "humiliated" her in front of other people. She took to Twitter to tell the public about this, which prompted Annabelle to also cite her side on the social networking site.

Annabelle also called Ruffa's new beau "P.G." or "patay gutom," and asked her daughter to find a man worthy of her.

Today, Annabelle again had a series of tweets to explain what happened between her and her daughter. She firstly thanked those who believe in her, that this is not a gimmick for their reality series "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez."

Those who thought they are making this up are probably "new" reporters who don't know gimmicks are not her style.

Annabelle said she never started the feud, and she's not after publicity. She wanted to remain quiet about it, but it was Ruffa who started it on twitter.

She's merely being frank and honest about her feelings. The only problem is that her anger is sometimes hard to control.

Annabelle explained that she never thought Ruffa would walk out during her birthday dinner just because of something she said in her speech.

If she was hurt, maybe she was guilty, Annabelle said. She added that she never planned to say those things. It just naturally came out.

She didn't know about Ruffa's tweets until a friend texted her and read to her what her daughter said. She decided to tweet, so that she can explain her side.

The feisty talent manager also explained why she's interfering into her daughter's life. She just doesn't want her to be a battered wife again like what happened with ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas.

Ruffa's new beau reminds her of Yilmaz, who was only nice during their first few meetings, but changed his attitude once they have gotten to know him better.

If her daughter missed being a human punching bag, having a gun pointed at her and being jailed inside a cabinet, then that's up to her.

"Surrender na ako. Hindi lang mga kamay ko ang itataas ko, pati mga paa ko itataas ko na rin sa pagsuko ko."

In the end, Annabelle thanked her supporters, saying she sometimes goes overboard when it comes to caring for her children.

Meanwhile, Ruffa greeted her mother on Instagram and Twitter. She thanked her for taking care of her.

However, she asked Annabelle to let her live her life and to be there for her if and when she makes mistakes again. She also went to her boyfriend's defense, saying that just because he looks like Yilmaz doesn't mean he's like him too.

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Annabelle Rama Explains Feud With Ruffa Gutierrez

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