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Ericka Villongco Opens Up About James Reid

Ericka Villongco is no stranger to showbiz. She is the ex-girlfriend of Viva star James Reid. They just broke up this March 2014 after three years of relationship.

Ericka said that although James decided to focus on his career first, she understands his decision. Of course, it hurts her to breakup with him because she believes their relationship was one of a kind.

They were not a showbiz couple, but a lot of their friends saw them grow and mature as individuals. Ericka loved James very much, and she still gets emotional talking about him.

They spent every day together, so it was difficult for her to let go of him that easily. Although it has been five months, it is still not easy for Ericka to move on from James because she sees his name every day on social media.

She is much happier now than five months ago, though. The only regret she has is that they could have ended it civilly, and that they should have remained friends.

Ericka wished they could have that closure, that they were able to talk, and she can say her side of the story.

This is the first time she spoke about James. She can never not love him, and she still cares deeply for him.

They never talked about their decision to breakup. They were supposed to after his movie with Nadine Lustre, but they never got around to it. Maybe they were both avoiding each other because it would be too hard to talk about the issue.

Ericka said she bumped into James a few times, but they didn't greet each other.

Asked if they can be friends, the newbie actress said maybe in the future. They still have common friends now.

Ericka clarified that she understands James for breaking up with her. He never wanted the fame or the attention, but he's doing this for himself and for his family.

At first, she was very emotional about it, but she slowly learned to accept it.

Ericka has no ill feelings towards Nadine, James' on-screen partner and rumored girlfriend. She wouldn't mind if they will end up together.

In fact, after they broke up, Nadine even messaged her on Twitter and told her she's there for her.

Nadine is very "nice" and "down to earth." "Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if it will be Nadine. Kung gusto niya at gusto ni James, then it’s up to them."

When they were still together, Ericka tried to understand how hectic James' new schedule was. She tried to be there for him when he was doing "Diary ng Panget."

She said James was very understanding and patient with her. However, she became kind of a "psycho girlfriend." She became clingy.

Although there was no third party in their breakup, Ericka said it was still a bad breakup. They wanted to end as friends, but that didn't happen.

Ericka said she's very open to the possibility that James will come back to her. "It’s very personal, but James and I always had this fantasy to ourselves that in the future, we will still end up together."

She can say that James is her soulmate, and maybe he even things of her the same and that's why he wanted to save their relationship.

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Ericka Villongco Opens Up About James Reid

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