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Andre Paras Might Choose Acting Over Basketball

Even though he has a bright future in basketball, Andre Paras may choose to join showbiz instead.

For now, he is just proud of her baby brother Kobe for what he is achieving in the US. Kobe has committed himself to the University of California Los Angeles Bruin.

Kobe and Andre are the sons of former basketball player Benjie Paras with former actress Jackie Forster.

Andre said they are really proud of Kobe because at third year high school, he was able to achieve that much already. At least, all Kobe's sacrifices are paying off.

Kobe shares that it is hard to compete in the US because everybody's taller than him, so he needs to improve a lot.

Andre is happy for Kobe, who he asks for advice so he can also improve his game. Basketball there and here have the same system, but in the US, everybody's bigger and faster.

Kobe is very brave, his brother said. Andre also wished he got that from Benjie.

Andre, of course, also wished he can go there in the US and experience what his brother has been experiencing. But he has showbiz now, and he just want to be thankful for what's in store for him here.

He loves doing showbiz because he gets to entertain people. It's really a dream for Andre. After he finishes college, he wants to take up film or anything that involves work behind the camera.

He finds nothing wrong in quitting basketball because he has showbiz to fall back and focus on. Of course, Andre said he still doesn't know yet what he will choose if he is put on the spot.

Their dad Benjie advises them to just work hard. Benjie was able to balance her career as a basketball player and as an actor.

He always tells his son to be good in whatever field they are in right now. "Yun nga ang ginagawa ko, improve on it and not work on something na I'm not good at."

For those who are building their dreams, Andre has this advice: do what you think you're best at. Stick to that and continue to improve. He also advised young kids to be happy and contented with what they have.

Andre doesn't have regrets that he's focused on showbiz now. Whatever projects GMA gives him, he will happily accept it because these are all blessings.

He doesn't have expectations yet because he knows he's new in the industry. Andre added that GMA gives him the importance that he thinks he deserves.

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Andre Paras Might Choose Acting Over Basketball

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