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Toni Gonzaga And Paul Soriano Talking About The Future Already

Toni Gonzaga admitted that she and longtime boyfriend, director Paul Soriano, are already talking about settling down in the future.

Toni said she's used to being asked about her marriage plans. When they have just started dating, there were also questions if they are planning to get married.

That annoyed her because they are just starting in their relationship. During their third to fifth years, the questions stopped. But suddenly, engagements and weddings are "in" these days, so she's being the focal point again of marriage questions.

Toni and Paul talk about these questions, and they laugh about it. What's good with Paul is he's not from showbiz, so whatever their plans are, they can keep it private. There's no need for them to give every detail to their fans.

Of course, Toni and Paul have talked about settling down in the future.

Asked if maybe there was already an engagement and they're just hiding it, Toni said she's not that kind of person. She admitted dating him way back, so there's no reason for her to keep her engagement a secret.

She joked that next year, she might be the one to propose to Paul already. Toni explained that she's not exactly waiting because they both know they're headed towards that direction.

They talked about their future a lot, and their families are okay with each other.

Even her parents, Daddy Bonoy and Mommy Pinty, are ready to see Toni walk down the aisle. Her parents always borrow her nieces and nephews, so she can see they are on grandparents mode already.

Both their parents are goading them to get married already, but Toni said that may be the reason why they're not in a hurry to settle down. "Siguro ganoon talaga kapag the more na pinipilit. Kapag wala naman, go!"

Toni clarified they are not feeling the pressure to get married. They will if they are a loveteam, but they can keep things (at least, their relationship) private.

She is not sure yet if she will take a break from showbiz once she's married already. It would depend on what Paul wants. Although he is not the kind of person to stop you from doing what you want, Toni said marriage is still a different matter.

Meanwhile, Toni shared that she is very comfortable working with John Lloyd Cruz now on their sitcom "Home Sweetie Home." At first, Toni felt awkward doing their sweet scenes.

There's camaraderie now on the set, Toni said. Besides, even their kissing scenes in the sitcom are wholesome.

In a separate interview, Lloydie said he enjoys "Home Sweetie Home" so much he can do it without pay.

Toni feels the same way. As long as you're enjoying your work, then money is not an issue. She added that artists are better off not thinking about their salaries.

She's not attached to any shows, however. She builds friendship with her cast mates because that's the thing that will last.

Toni shared that she's more into starring in romcom genres rather than in teleseryes. She hadn't done one in a while because she's been focused in hosting reality shows and doing movies.

Lloydie and Toni worked together in "My Amnesia Girl" in 2010. Are there any plans to make a follow-up movie? She shared that right after "My Amnesia Girl," there were plans for them to do part two. However, nothing materialized.

Toni's last movie was "Starting Over Again" with Piolo Pascual in February 2014. Who is she more excited to work with--Piolo or Lloydie?

They are different people, Toni said. Piolo was the first artist she worked with in the Sprite commercial. That was her launching pad in showbiz.

Lloydie, on the other hand, is the best actor she has worked with. She feels really blessed to have worked with him.

Toni said she is very contented with her career, so she is ready wherever the journey takes her.

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Toni Gonzaga And Paul Soriano Talking About The Future Already

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