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JM De Guzman Admits Battling Temptations

JM de Guzman is honest enough to say that there are still temptations for him to go back to using drugs.

When he's bored, he often thinks about it. So, the actor makes sure he has a lot of activities such as working out, boxing and writing songs.

Even after 15 months of being in rehabilitation, JM said the temptations are still there. It'll never go away, he added.

He's undergoing therapy--consequential thinking--so he can battle his urge to use drugs again.

JM admitted he wanted to experiment in the past, and that's why he turned to drugs. He felt he's a deeper artist when he's high.

He denied that his breakup with ex-girlfriend Jessy Mendiola, who recently attended his birthday party as a guest, triggered his drug use. JM said they are friends now.

The actor, who's currently starring in the hit series "Hawak Kamay," shared what consequential thinking is all about.

Whenever he's thinking of going back to drugs, he must think about the consequences of his actions--what would he lose?

When he's working, there are no temptations. He joked that he has to have many projects.

Aside from "Hawak Kamay," he is also busy with Cinema One originals entry "That Thing Called Tadhana" with Angelica Panganiban. There's another teleserye from ABS-CBN in the works for him, JM said.

The actor shared that Charee Pineda was the only celebrity who visited him when he was rehabilitated in Tagaytay. She even brought food for him.

That's when he realized that Charee is really his friend. He was touched by her action. JM already apologized to Charee for the trouble he caused during their show "Angelito."

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JM de Guzman Admits Battling Temptations

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