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Bea Wants GMA-7 To Build Up Her Loveteam With Jake Vargas

Kapuso teen star Bea Binene is hopeful that GMA-7 would build her loveteam with real-life boyfriend Jake Vargas.

There were reports that the Kapuso network is now focused on the real-life loveteam of Janine Gutierrez and Elmo Magalona, so Bea and Jake are being set aside.

Bea does not have a problem with other loveteams because it is up to the network to decide what's best for them. She admitted liking the storyline of "More Than Words," the new series of Janine and Elmo.

She hopes GMA-7 could also find the perfect material for her and Jake. They are both starring in "Strawberry Lane."

Bea is thankful that a lot of people seem to think GMA-7 should be pitting them against the successful teamup of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, better known as KathNiel.

She said there are a lot of people who have been saying that to them, and it's really flattering that they're noticing them.

The actress shared that her relationship with Jake is going strong, and that they learned a lot from the failures of their breakup before. Jake is also more understanding now, and they know now not everyone is betting for them.

The thing is, they understand now that they shouldn't mind these kinds of people, and that they should focus on making their relationship work.

Bea said they regularly check each other--where they are and whom they are with. She also added that they are more aware now of what they should and shouldn't do.

Does Jake still love going out with his friends? This was an issue before with Bea. She did not want to talk about it, only saying that Jake knows his limits.

The teen actress said she trusts Jake, but not the people he's with and not the places he hang out in.

He's making an effort to assure her of his feelings, Bea said, adding that he does not go out as much as before.

Bea doesn't like going out that much, so she can't exactly be with Jake. Also, her mother does not approve of gimmicks like that. That's not her crowd, she added.

The important thing is Jake knows what he should do. She is sure he learned from their past already.

They don't argue that much, although there are still misunderstandings especially when Bea sees something on Twitter. She worries about what their families will think about them.

For Bea, Jake changed a lot. The actress said her boyfriend tries to make her happy.

Meanwhile, Bea celebrated her 17th birthday with cancer patient kids on November 4 at McDonald's EDSA near Centris. She has been doing this for the past four to five years.

She grew up with Kapuso Foundation, and that's why she became close to cancer patients, especially the kids suffering from it.

Bea likes seeing them on her birthday to make sure they're okay. She also wants them to look forward every year to her birthday.

She's planning to build a foundation of her own--the Bea Binene Cares.

What is she wishing for? She wishes happiness and contentment for her and everyone around her. Bea said she's happy right now. She bought a Valentino bag for herself as a birthday present.

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Bea Wants GMA-7 To Build Up Her Loveteam With Jake Vargas

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