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Matt Evans Admits Punching Arron Villaflor

Matt Evans admitted the altercation between him and Arron Villaflor on the set of ABS-CBN's "Pure Love."

Matt dismissed it, though, saying it happens to them since they are like brothers already. It just so happened that they were both tired from taping.

The next day, it's like nothing happened. Matt said he and Arron have been working together since "Pedro Penduko" books 1 and 2. They were both known for their stints in reality series "Star Circle Quest" for Arron and "Pinoy Big Brother" for Matt.

They just laughed about what happened. They're very close, Matt said. During their first out of the country in Hong Kong, they were together. In fact, after the altercation, they flew to Dubai the following weekend for a show.

They were able to fix the issue also on set. They had the first scene together. When they saw each other in the tent, they hugged and apologized.

They didn't let the prides get in the way because they both know there's no use to stretching the issue further. Matt was the one who apologized first. After all, it wouldn't lessen his being a man if he was the one to say sorry first.

He doesn't want to elaborate what happened why he punched Arron. It wasn't a good reason anyway. They were just both tensed on set because the episode was for airing already. All of them were rushing it.

When that happened, it was in the middle of the day. It was very humid and they haven't even had their lunch yet, Matt said.

It wasn't personal, Matt said, but just the heat of the moment. Even their director was talking about why it ended that way. They both flared up, the actor added.

Matt denied that there was an issue before between them. He cannot think of anything. Arron is a very nice kid, he said.

He also shrugged off reports that he and Arron are awkward around each other. In fact, they were together in their "Pure Love" shows in Bacolod and Cebu. They were supposed to have a show in Palawan but that was cancelled.

When they have shows, the only one who can't come with them was Yam Concepcion because she's doing a movie.

"Pure Love" will end on November 14. For Matt, it seemed so fast even though they did it for one year. They got used to seeing each other every day.

They are all sad, but happy at the same time because the show was successful. They didn't wonder why it was a hit, although they were pressured because the Korean version was successful.

It is always difficult to do an adaptation, especially if the former was such a hit. However, they felt blessed and happy they were able to justify their roles in the series.

Meanwhile, Matt talked about his family life with wife Katrina Farinas. They have a baby already.

After "Pure Love," he will get to have time for his family. They will go home to Ilocos, to his wife's family there, to spend the holidays.

He has adjusted to family life already. He's a hands-on dad and he doesn't go out as much as before. He's enjoying his life as a husband and father.

Matt said he feels blessed and contented that he cannot ask for anything more. Since he got married, the blessings just kept on pouring.

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Matt Evans Admits Punching Arron Villaflor

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