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Mariel Rodriguez And Robin Padilla Not Ready For A Baby

Mariel Rodriguez said she and husband Robin Padilla are not ready yet to have a baby of their own. This is despite being together for five years.

Mariel said there are times when she thinks she's ready like when her older sister gave birth and she saw the new baby in their family. But when she was asked to take care of her niece, she also found out she might not be ready yet for her own baby because she couldn't handle her niece's tantrums.

She doesn't know how to deal with those issues, Mariel said.

The TV host is currently hosting "Talentadong Pinoy" with Robin for TV5. She's really happy to be able to work with her husband because they have a division of labor and tasks.

Mariel knows her role in the show. She's also very happy working with Tuesday Vargas because she's very picky and has a quick wit. Tuesday is not only a comedienne, but she's an intelligent comedienne, she added.

She also saw a different side on her husband because he's very "game." One can feel that Robin can really be a "Talentadong Pinoy."

Mariel feels comfortable working with both of them. She cannot say she's already an expert in hosting, but it's more relaxed because she's working with Tuesday and Robin.

At the end of the day, the real gems are the talented Filipinos joining the show.

Meanwhile, Mariel said Robin doesn't want to celebrate his 45th birthday on November 23. She wanted to create a Katipunan party for him, where everyone is dressed in Filipiniana, but her husband doesn't want any party.

Instead, Robin wants to celebrate Bonifacio Day on November 30. Although she doesn't understand why Robin would want to do that, Mariel said she agreed to it.

Mariel doesn’t find it weird that Robin is so fascinated over Bonifacio. She kinds understands him.

Robin shared that he has gotten to know about Bonifacio in the year 1995, when he was hiding from the authorities.

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Mariel Rodriguez And Robin Padilla Not Ready For A Baby

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