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Jaya Loses Unborn Baby

Jaya lost her unborn baby after going under an operation to take out her gallbladder. Jaya said that would be better instead of the baby living, but having complications in the brain or spinal cord.

It was not advisable for her to undergo the operation, but she cannot set it aside too. So, she made a pact with God that if her baby will not be able to withstand the operation, then He can just take him/her.

Last Thursday, she didn't notice that she lost her baby already. They had to take it out of her womb because it would be dangerous for her. Jaya said she had no problem with the operation.

She just explained it during "Sunday All Stars" because a lot of people don't understand what she has been through these past weeks. Many thought she was grieving for her mother, Elizabeth Ramsey.

As a mother, even though her baby was just three months inside her womb, it still hurt her. She felt that it was her fault. But she just realized that there are reasons for everything.

Jaya said it was easy for her to accept what happened because it's all God's will. Her family's support, especially her husband Gary Gotidoc, has been her savior. He's the best husband, the singer added.

She wanted to thank her manager, Maristel Fernandez, Perry Lansigan, Regine and Ogie Alcasid, and those who called and texted her.

They all thought she was very down because of what happened, but Jaya said she's actually fine even during the time they had to take her baby out of her fetus.

She already accepted it, and her husband explained it beautifully to her. He was her voice of reason, Jaya said, adding that he was such a solid foundation throughout the whole ordeal.

Jaya doesn't want to get pregnant again. She's already 44 years old. She doesn't want to take care of a teenager by the time she's 60 or 65 years old.

But then again, if they will be blessed with a baby, then so be it. Everything is a blessing--the good and the bad, Jaya said.

Her two children were actually excited for the baby, so they worried they won't be a big brother or sister now that the baby was gone. It was very casual, although they asked if she's alright. Jaya feels lucky to have such caring children.

She's a very strong woman. Jaya said she has been through a lot before--hunger, losing her home--and she was able to survive from it all.

If she has the will, she can take every challenge. She just has to have faith.

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Jaya Loses Unborn Baby

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