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Karla Estrada Says Daniel Padilla's Money Handled Well

Karla Estrada, the mother of teen king Daniel Padilla, assured that her son's money is properly accounted for.

Everything is planned and fixed, Karla said, adding that Daniel is aware where his money is going. They both don't have vices, so their expenses are pretty much what everyday expenses are.

Daniel is not the kind to ask for money that much. What he has weakness for are cars, just like any other man. Karla shared Daniel would always show her a car on the Internet that he wants to buy.

All Karla would tell him was to stop Googling for cars. She's not the kind of mother who interferes into what her son wants to do with his money. She simply reminds him not to spend too much.

When Daniel has an out-of-town show, Karla makes sure to give him his own money to spend. She doesn't want to stop him too much from buying what he wants because he's working hard for that money. As a mother, she's simply there to advise him.

Meanwhile, Karla shared that Daniel could not watch her old sexy films during the 1990s. He can't bear to see his mother do sexy roles.

She doesn't advise Daniel on acting because her son said her acting techniques are already ancient. Karla is one of the favorite actresses of the late Douglas Quijano because of her acting prowess.

In terms of love, Karla just tells her son that it's not right to have a child with different partners like her. But for her, she just did what she thought was right. She moved on when the situation wasn't right for her anymore.

Karla said she really cannot impose on what her son wants to do with his life.

As for Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel's rumored girlfriend, Karla said she has no problem with the teen queen. She's been an inspiration to Daniel and they complement each other.

When the audio scandal happened, after Daniel explained everything to Kathryn, she heard the two already having a grand time.

Robin Padilla, Daniel's uncle, defended the actor during that time. He said that the audio just showed Daniel is a man who gets attracted to other girls. That's better than hearing him having a crush on another man, Robin said.

Karla agreed. If that happens, she might not be able to take it that easily.

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Karla Estrada Says Daniel Padilla's Money Handled Well

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