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Ai-Ai Delas Alas Suffers From Bell's Palsy

Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas revealed that she suffered from Bell's Palsy for two weeks when they were doing the film "Past Tense" with Kim Chiu and Xian Lim.

That is the reason why she wasn't able to shoot scenes for the movie. Thankfully, it only lasted for two weeks when it was supposed to last longer than that.

Ai-Ai said she had Bell's Palsy because of all the stress from the news about her new boyfriend, 20-year-old Gerald Sibayan. It was also triggered by the change in weather and temperature--from hot to cold.

Bell's Palsy is defined as "a paralysis or weakness of the muscles on one side of your face." The damage to the facial nerve could have caused one side of her face to droop.

Ai-Ai celebrated her 50th birthday during the press conference for "Past Tense." Star Cinema prepared the video presentation of Kapamilya stars who greeted her. She was most emotional when her manager and friend Boy Abunda gave his message.

She was surprised by his video message. Ai-Ai said she was also stressed out when she learned about Boy's illness before. She was freaking out all the time.

Boy suffered from a rare form of liver disease that many thought would be the end of him. Luckily, he survived that, recuperated, and is now back to work.

Ai-Ai said she cannot ask for anything more because she already feels blessed and because she learned a lot from her mistakes in the past.

The comedienne promised to herself that she will take life slowly from now on, and she will enjoy the rewards of her hardwork.

"Past Tense" is the second time Ai-Ai worked with Kim. They first made "My Binondo Girl" in 2011. She calls Kim "Baby Kim," and said she will always be in her heart.

She just learned that "Past Tense" has been trending in the Philippines and worldwide on social media because of Kim's and Xian's fan base. Ai-Ai joked that when Kim and Xian have different loveteam partners already, she will also support them. But for now, she likes KimXi better because of their fan base.

Asked if Ai-Ai will ever go back to an ex, she said she already closed all doors. It was hard to move on, but she did it. She just prays hard that she will be able to move on and let go.

Life is short, Ai-Ai said, so she needs to be happy.

What are the things she has to move on from? Ai-Ai said she wanted to be a flight stewardess, so that's one of her hang-ups. But when she started experiencing being a plane passenger, she also realized she's really blessed to be an actress--the person being served by flight attendants.

When it comes to her lovelife, Ai-Ai has put a period on that already. She doesn't even want to think that she got married for only 29 days to Jed Salang.

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Ai-Ai Delas Alas Suffers From Bell's Palsy

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