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Alexa Ilacad, Nash Aguas To Wait Four Years Before Committing

Alexa Ilacad promised her parents that she won't accept suitors until she turned 18 years old, which is four years from now.

So despite admitting she gets giddy with Nash Aguas, Alexa said she will have to wait until she's 18 years old before opening the possibilities between them. Even when they were still on "Goin' Bulilit," there were rumors already that they have a crush on each other.

Asked if Nash is courting her, Alexa said they both decided to wait it out. They are enjoying their friendship, their work, and their "crush-crush."

She is honest enough to admit that it will hurt her if Nash courts another girl. Of course, when you like someone, you want to be that guy's future, Alexa said. However, she has no power to stop Nash from doing something like that.

If he wants to court another girl, then she can't do anything about that.

She admitted they get developed with each other, especially because they are a loveteam on "LUV U." Although they know their limitations, it is not easy to curb the attraction.

Alexa revealed that she gets excited and giddy during their sweet scenes, on-cam and off-cam. Will she be able to hide that for four years? She and Nash have to try, she added.

Alexa said their fan base increased over time. When they started out, Nash has a pretty strong fan base already because he's in showbiz longer than she is.

Slowly, she saw their journey as a loveteam, although they want more for themselves. They are both happy to see people lining up to see them during mall shows.

Meanwhile, Alexa revealed that she has to lose weight because Nash looks thinner than her on TV. When they had the fitting, her waist line was only an inch smaller than Nash.

She doesn't want to look fat beside him because Nash is really lean-looking. Is it hard to go on a diet? Alexa admitted she likes eating a lot, but she also wants to be an actress, so she needs to take better care of herself.

She and Nash are starring in the new series "Bagito" with Ella Cruz. They were supposed to do "Inday Bote" together but that was shelved.

They were happy with "Bagito" because they wanted to do a drama series together. They didn't expect that a series like this will be given to them.

ABS-CBN has yet to release an airing date for "Bagito," although Alexa and Nash have already taped a lot of scenes. Also, a teaser has been aired on TV.

"Bagito" centers around Nash's character, who will fall in love with a college student. Alexa will play the part of his bestfriend.

She said that the story has a lot of lessons for the youth.

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Alexa Ilacad, Nash Aguas To Wait Four Years Before Committing

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