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Zanjoe Marudo Not In A Hurry To Settle Down

Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo are not letting themselves be pressured by constant rumors they have broken up and also of the number of celebrity engagements and weddings.

He is not even thinking about a secret wedding like what happened with Nadine Samonte and Richard Chua, and Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia. They wouldn't dare keep their wedding a secret from the public, Zanjoe said.

He also said they are not affected by the issues against them, specifically about rumors that they have broken up because of the actor's womanizing ways. Zanjoe added they are the ones who are in the relationship, so they would know if these are all true.

They don't have to prove to others that they are together.

Zanjoe admitted that they can't shrug off marriage plans that easily. Of course, they have plans in the future, but maybe Bea is not ready yet. He doesn't even know how he would propose.

In fact, Zanjoe is already thinking about putting a ring on Bea's finger, although he doesn't know how to do that yet. He's not looking for anybody else, and he doesn't think their relationship will end up to nothing.

What he is thinking about now is how they can be happy in their lives. He's already 32 years old, so he's not beating around the bush.

He makes sure they are both okay despite the rumors. How do they do that? They communicate, and they don't allow themselves to be affected by these issues.

What's important is that they love each other no matter what issues are thrown at them. "Kami rin lang ang magkakampi rito, kaming dalawa lang ang dapat mag-usap, kami rin ang dapat na magdesisyon."

They both adjust and compromise. It's a give and take, Zanjoe said.

Meanwhile, Zanjoe is excited with his new series "Dream Dad." This is not the first time for him to play the role of a father because he already did that on "Annaliza." However, this is the first time for him to be an "executive." In all of his series, he usually plays the role of a poor man.

He's happy that his character has grown already. He can compare it to his real life because he saw himself and his roles grow together.

Zanjoe shared that he had to attend a lot of classes and trainings, mainly how to conduct himself as an executive. In "Dream Dad," Zanjoe will play alongside child star Jana Agoncillo.

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Zanjoe Marudo Not In A Hurry To Settle Down

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