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Robin Padilla Rejects Teleserye For Mariel Rodriguez

The reason why Robin Padilla doesn't want to do a teleserye is because he wants to keep his wife, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, happy. The long hours took a toll on them before, and he doesn't want that to happen again.

When doing teleseryes, he has to be there for 36 hours a day. He and Mariel had problems before because of this, and he doesn't want it to happen again. That's one of the sacrifices he has to make for his marriage.

Since Mariel is younger than him, he needs to keep up with her pace and be more understanding, too. If they ever separate, it is surely his fault, Robin said.

Many said Robin looks younger now. It is also the reason why he needs to cut down on work. He wants to take care of himself too.

Right now, he and Mariel have no plans to have a baby of their own. Robin said he has no time to take care of his own adult kids, so why would he push to have another one? Mariel sees that, and that's why she doesn't push him too.

Robin has four kids with former wife Liezl Sicangco--Queenie, Kylie, Zhen and Ali--and one kid each with former actresses Jobelle Salvador and Leah Orosa.

They might start planning to have their own baby next year. But definitely for now, having a baby is not in their plans. He doesn't want to simply demand Mariel to take care of their baby while he is out working.

Showbiz is a different beast, Robin said. If it's not for "Talentadong Pinoy," they barely see each other. Mariel and Robin host the show. Most of the times, when Robin goes home, Mariel is already asleep.

How would they raise a kid like that? They will be busier once Mariel starts working regularly again.

Meanwhile, Robin said he's happy to be working again with ex-girlfriend Vina Morales. They will be together in the 2014 MMFF entry "Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo." Vina will play the role of Gregoria de Jesus or Oriang, Bonifacio's wife.

Robin was the one who chose Vina for that role because their director, Enzo Williams, told him he wants someone Robin feels comfortable with. When he asked Mariel about it, she was even the one to also suggest Vina.

The actor avoided answering the question if he would seek Vina out if he was single. He simply joked that in Islam, he is still considered single because he only has one wife.

Once he has two wives, he has a girlfriend already. If three, he's engaged. If he has a fourth wife, then that's the time he's considered married.

Robin, however, said he has good memories of Vina. They don't even fight then, and they don't have any bad things to say against each other. Vina said she was hurt by Robin back then.

Although he is allowed by his religion to have a second wife, Robin said Mariel would not agree to that. She's not a jealous wife, but she does get affected by his love scenes.

In "Bonifacio," he and Vina have a kissing scene.

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Robin Padilla Rejects Teleserye For Mariel Rodriguez

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