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Andi Eigenmann Gets Hurt By Jake Ejercito Moving On

Andi Eigenmann admitted getting hurt by the photo where Jake Ejercito was seen with KC del Rosario. However, Andi appealed to her fans not to bash Jake or KC.

Andi knows KC, and has nothing against her. She said both Jake and KC deserve to be with each other, and Jake deserves to move on from their breakup.

Although it hurts her to see her "great love" moving on, Andi said they are not together anymore, so Jake is free to date anyone he likes. Jake and KC are not public figures, so they don't need to be bashed and criticized for doing absolutely nothing wrong, the actress said.

Just because Jake has moved on doesn't make him a bad person, Andi said. She had her mistakes in their relationship too, and she is trying to move on. But her hurting doesn't mean she should wish them unhappiness too.

There are always two sides to every story. Yes, Jake hurt her, but maybe she did hurt him too. This only goes to show that maybe they are not meant to be together.

"I am most definitely hurting so much. And it kills me everyday to see how happy they are. But that’s they’re life."

She's used to people telling her what she should do in her life, but that's all part of the industry she loves. But that's not Jake's and KC's world, so Andi asked her fans to let them have the peace of mind she doesn't.

She assured her fans she's trying to move on. Once she's happy, she won't forget to let them know about it.

Meanwhile, she shrugged off the comment made by one of KC's friends, Alexa Cuadra, that she is "fat." Andi said there are so many things to worry about than being fat.

Andi posted these tweets around 4PM on Friday. However, she deleted them a few hours after.

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Andi Eigenmann Gets Hurt By Jake Ejercito Moving On

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