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Aiza Seguerra, Liza Dino Wed On December 8

Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino got married on December 8 (US time) in San Francisco, California. The two never publicized the date of their wedding, but their pre-wedding video published on December 6 put the date at the end credits.

In an earlier interview, Aiza already said she and Liza plan to get married in the US later this year, and they will also have a union ceremony in the Philippines.

On December 6, Aiza posted a photo of Liza and her daughter, Amara. She wrote a long caption about their love story. Aiza said that in June 1999, she asked Liza how to apply for UPCAT because she plans to study there.

She was surprised when Liza travelled all the way from Bulacan to deliver the application form to Aiza. "Style mo talaga." That started it all. Aiza said she would always visit Liza during her rehearsals to bring her a cake from Red Ribbon. She also watched one of Liza's earlier plays--Shakepeare's "The Taming of the Shrew."

Aiza did not understand Shakespeare but she was proud to see Liza there. She already felt like a boyfriend even though they were not an item then.

After a few years, they had their first date in UP. That was where Aiza asked Liza if she wants to be with her forever. Liza said "yes."

In a few days, Aiza said they will say yes to forever. Finally, their dream will come true. She is sure that even though they're old, they wll still enjoy the same things--eating fishballs and isaw, having dinner at Chocolate Kiss, and spending time at the Sunken Garden in UP.

"Mula noon hanggang ngayon, lumipas man ang panahon, ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo ay hinding-hindi magbabago."

On the other hand, Liza said she appreciates the little things that Aiza does for her such as driving her to the gala night of "In Nomine Matris" in Los Angeles.

Liza said they were both hands-on with their wedding preparations. She asked her daughter Amara to write a love quote on a piece of wood. Amara wrote: "Love knows no gender." This means she understands her mother's relatioship with Aiza.

At first, she didn't know how Amara would take the news because she had no plan to lie to her daughter. But Amara accepted this with open arms, noting how happy her mother is.

Amara said that she wants her mother to have a "meaningful love." Liza explained that in the eyes of a child, confusion only comes when something is unfamiliar. "But what we may see as a ‘complication’ can just come down to something very simple: LOVE IS LOVE—it goes beyond gender, race, culture or religion."

She is happy that Amara sees the world without judgment. At the end of the day, what matters for them is they are happy as a family.

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Aiza Seguerra, Liza Dino Wed On December 8

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