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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Still Suffering From Daniel Padilla Audio Scandal

Jasmine Curtis-Smith asked fans of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo to stop dragging her name into the audio controversy, where the actor was heard being excited from receiving a text from Jasmine.

Since the controversy started, Jasmine has gained a number of haters and bashers on social networking sites.

Jasmine doesn't want to comment about the issue anymore. Also, she doesn't want anyone involved in it--her, boyfriend Sam Concepcion, Daniel, Kathryn and her family--to comment on it because the issue is just becoming bigger.

"It just gets out of control and I really don’t want the fans to be fighting or even my family to be giving comments… that we can just avoid na lang because it’s over na."

It is better for her to focus on the more important things rather than on a controversy that has ended already.

Meanwhile, Jasmine shrugged off the issue between her sister, Anne Curtis, and Sam. Earlier this year, it has been reported that Anne humiliated Sam during Vice Ganda's birthday party. Apparently, Anne told Sam he's not successful enough to be invited to the party.

She also questioned the car Sam was driving. Anne denied these, but Sam admitted there was, indeed, a confrontation between them.

Jasmine said, in general, all big sisters are like that. Anne is not particularly picking on Sam because she has been like that with all the other guys she liked before.

Anne can see how serious her relationship is with Sam, and that's why she wants to ensure that Jasmine's feelings are safe. She also wants to protect her baby sister, the young actress added.

Jasmine said Sam is reaching out to Anne as best as he can. She knows it's hard for Sam to reach out to Anne because her sister can be quite intimidating.

Jasmine is just hoping that in the future, there will come a time that they can spend special occasions together. She knows God is guiding their relationship.

Although they are not all the best of friends, she can say that they are civil to each other.

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Still Suffering From Daniel Padilla Audio Scandal

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