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Anne Curtis Defends Sister Jasmine From KathNiel Fans

Until now, bashers and haters continue to hound Jasmine Curtis-Smith for her involvement in the audio scandal that rocked the loveteam of teen royalties Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, better known as KathNiel.

Every time Jasmine posts a photo on her Instagram account, bashers and haters would surely start on her involvement in the said scandal. There, Daniel was heard getting excited after receiving a text from Jasmine.

Many thought this proved that Daniel was really after Jasmine, and not Kathryn. Jasmine and Daniel worked together in "Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo," an entry to the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival.

On December 5, Jasmine posted a photo promoting "Bonifacio." Fans of Jasmine and KathNiel immediately traded words on the said post. Some called Jasmine "flirt" while others said she's got a bad attitude.

Probably because of these comments, Anne answered some of Jasmine's bashers and haters. She asked the commenters what satisfaction they get from coming to Jasmine's personal accounts and maligning her character.

If it makes them happy to be mean, Anne told them to go and be mean on another forum and not on Jasmine's account.

Anne also said that Daniel and Kathryn will surely not be happy about how their fans are treating Jasmine. No idol would want their fans to hate on another. Anne told them to stop the negativity and focus on their love for their idols.

Jasmine's post already has 500 comments that Anne already tried to moderate to ask them to spare her sister from their hate.

Anne said she's probably an "ate" to most of these teenage fans. She asked them to stop fighting with each other because they are simply wasting their time.

Although they are fighting for their idols, Anne said the way they are doing it is not right. Their idols would surely hate the way the fans are fighting, she added.

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Anne Curtis Defends Sister Jasmine From KathNiel Fans

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