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Kris Aquino Reveals Two Girls Visiting Coco Martin On "Feng Shui 2" Set

Kris Aquino squealed that Coco Martin is inspired these days. She said that on the set of "Feng Shui 2," their entry to the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival, two women visited Coco.

Also, the award-winning actor would always check his phone at 2AM. That's good for him, Kris said, because he looks inspired. Kris, however, doesn't know who he's texting.

Kris also said that someone called Coco in the middle of the night. Coco denied this. She joked that by lying to the public, Coco seems happy. That's what she learned this year: don't tell the truth and keep it to yourself.

The actress-TV host said one woman with "big boobs" visited Coco on the set. She didn't say "hi" to Kris. They were in Antipolo that time. It was so cold, but the woman was wearing a tank top.

Coco said it was Cai Cortez, Rez Cortez's daughter. Kris said it wasn't because Rez was long gone by then. She also said the woman was attractive.

There was also another woman who visited Coco. Because they have different holding tents, Kris once asked someone to call him, but she was told Coco was inside the tent with a visitor.

Coco told Kris that he will settle down five to seven years from now. He wants a quiet life, so he doesn't want to be with anyone from showbiz. Kris advised him that he will be too old by that time, so he might want to shorten his waiting period to three years.

Kris idolized Coco because of the way he budgets his money. Being together every day, they talked about everything--including household expenses. Coco is very disciplined when it comes to money.

In fact, a portion of his money just goes to savings. That's why Kris told him he can get married already.

Was there ever a time Kris considered to be with Coco romantically? Kris said she wants someone her age or older than her. She already tried to be with someone of Coco's age. James Yap, her ex-husband, has the same age as the actor.

Everything will fall into place, hopefully, the TV host-actress said. "When the time is right."

Kris said she might wait until next year before she focuses on her lovelife again. Even Bimby is now open to the idea that his mother will have someone special because James, his father, is already happy with Michela Cazzola.

Once she's ready to focus on that, then she will welcome it. She's hoping that someone will arrive in her life when she's not in showbiz anymore.

That time is getting nearer already, Kris said, because she already has a lot of investments. There are also rumors Kris might run for public office in 2016.

She promised Bimby that she will focus on raising him and Josh. She wants to spend more time with them, so she won't miss out on things.

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Kris Aquino Reveals Two Girls Visiting Coco Martin On

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