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Nathalie Hart Apologizes For Rape Post

Nathalie Hart (formerly known as Princess Snell) apologized after she was bashed on the Internet because of her Instagram post about rape, wherein she said her father told her to "enjoy rape" if it is inevitable.

Nathalie posted a photo of a girl with the caption: "According to my dad’s lesson: If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it! #ihavethebestadvicer #mydadisthebest."

She immediately received criticisms from her followers, as well as from other social networks, because of this view. A number of comments pointed out to her that rape is not in itself sexual, but it is violence against a human being.

As of now, Nathalie deleted the photo and she also made private her Instagram account.

DJ Mo Twister was the first one to repost Nathalie's post, and told her he has to unfollow her from now on.

On December 11, Nathalie officially apologized on the Facebook account of ABS-CBN. She said she was displeased by what she has posted, and she understood the hate she has been receiving.

However, she also said she's against any form of violence, abuse and rape. The whole post was blown out of proportion, she added. "It was taken literally and out of context, I now realize that this is no joking matter."

She hopes the public will understand this was a huge mistake on her part, and she posted it without thinking.

Nathalie said she tried to reach out to Mo about spreading the said Instagram post, which she has already deleted, but the DJ was not responding to her.

It was a bad joke, but the post garnered more attention when Mo reposted it. It seems he is enjoying all the attention, Nathalie said, because he doesn't want to answer her.

Nathalie said she is deeply sorry for offending anybody, and her family has been hurting because of the controversy. She doesn't want to drag them into this, she added.

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Nathalie Hart Apologizes For Rape Post

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