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Mariel Rodriguez Not Bothered By Robin Padilla, Vina Morales Tandem

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla doesn't mind that her husband, Robin Padilla, is again paired with his former girlfriend Vina Morales. In fact, when the two did the promo for "Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo," an entry to the 2014 MMFF, Mariel didn't want to attend it out of respect to Vina.

However, Robin asked her to attend the said event, so she went. She saw how successful the loveteam still is. Everyone was feeling giddy upon seeing them.

Mariel even witnessed that when the two had a duet, the fans got even more excited. But when the event moved to Bonifacio High Street, Mariel decided not to go anymore.

She just stayed inside the car and waited for Robin. One family passed her and when they saw her, they told her that Robin and Vina were holding hands. She told them she knows about it.

The family then told her they asked for her. Mariel finds these people "cute."

Mariel assured she doesn't mind them being paired again. She is actually happy because they still have chemistry and "Bonifacio" might become successful because of them.

Meanwhile, Mariel said "Talentadong Pinoy" helped her and Robin get to each other better. They are hosting the said singing contest, which will have its grand finals tonight. Mariel was even saddened to know that the show is about to end already.

The show added spice to their marriage, the TV host said. Because they are sharing something, they can talk about how they are going to improve their show. They watch other talent shows abroad, and try to pick out the good things from there. "Talentadong Pinoy" is the thing they bond over.

At first, she was worried that the show might pit them against each other. But there was never a time when they were doing "Talentadong Pinoy" that they fought about it. They were always after what's good for it.

Robin is known for being soft-hearted that he sometimes gives from his own pocket. That's why Mariel made sure to explain to Robin that only one contestant will take home the trophy.

She explained to him that not all the contestants will win there. She sometimes feels bad when she sees other people abusing Robin. It happens both on-cam and off-cam.

For Robin, money is just money. What's important is they're able to help others. Actually, Robin sometimes gets discontented with what he can only give. Mariel assures him that they've already helped enough.

Mariel will spend Christmas in the States, so they're already having separation anxiety.

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Mariel Rodriguez Not Bothered By Robin Padilla, Vina Morales Tandem

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