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KC Montero Has A New Girlfriend

KC Montero revealed that he has a new girlfriend, a 22-year-old Filipino-Australian model. KC showed the photo of his girlfriend to some members of the press, and it looked like he is really proud of her.

The girl's name is Stephanie, KC shared. She, however, doesn't want to enter showbiz. KC is contented with his new relationship, which has lasted for eight months already.

He doesn't want to have another showbiz relationship because he already had to failed ones. The first was with ex-wife Geneva Cruz that lasted for 10 years while the second was a short-lived romance with Rhian Ramos.

KC said he and Rhian remain friends because she will always be a big part of his life. He regularly conversed with Geneva, too. In fact, a couple of months ago, he met with her for Heaven's graduation.

Heaven is Geneva's son with Paco Arespachochaga. KC and Heaven are very close since the boy practically grew up with KC as a father figure.

KC is also the godfather of Geneva's daughter with her new husband. He has done a good job of raising Heaven with Geneva, so he thinks he will be a ninong to all of Geneva's kids.

Heaven is not only close to KC, who he calls "dad," but to KC's parents as well. He will even be spending Christmas at his parents' house in Los Angeles. KC might see him for a day there.

Heaven is 18 years old now. He drives and plays the drums, KC said. He also has a girlfriend, who he loves very much, he added.

KC said he remained close to Heaven even though he's not his biologically. Sometimes, though, Heaven gets disappointed at him when he doesn't answer him back.

He can berate Heaven, too. KC always tells him to get a job because he's 18 years old already. Although he may not be the best person to give advices about girls, he tries his best to help Heaven with that.

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KC Montero Has A New Girlfriend

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