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Lovi Poe Is Not Ready To Settle Down

Lovi Poe said that now is not the right time to settle down with boyfriend Rocco Nacino. She cannot imagine herself tying the knot soon because she still has a lot of things she wants to achieve.

Before she decides to get married, she wants to be self-fulfilled first. She wants to be independent. She also has to grow as a person, Lovi added.

"Parang for me to be able to be in that kind of huge commitment, kailangan maging prepared siguro." Besides, it's still premature to talk about marriage when she and Rocco have only been together for a couple of months.

Lovi plans to spend Christmas Eve with her family in their house. She might see Rocco on Christmas Day, but there's no concrete plans yet. They might look for a new restaurant to try out. Last time, she joked that they have eaten in every restaurant at The Fort.

She already has a gift for Rocco, which is something the actor is really passionate about. She doesn't want to give any clues because it might throw away the surprise.

She and Rocco did not talk about what gifts they would like to receive from each other. It will ruin the moment, the actress added.

But if she will be asked, she wants to receive something for her newly built house. Even simple candles or knick-knacks for the house will make her happy.

Rocco already gave her a piece of furniture for her house. It's a chair that illuminates, Lovi said.

As for non-material things, Lovi hopes for more projects next year.

Meanwhile, Lovi is part of the episode "Flight 666" on "Shake, Rattle & Roll XV," which is the official entry to the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival. Lovi said it's not just her character that's interesting in the movie, but the whole story.

The fact that they shot it inside a real-life plane makes it more special to Lovi. Of course, there's also the Filipino folklore about the number combination of "666."

Lovi sees MMFF as "helping the industry." They are excited for all the movies to do well because it's a "friendly competition." It's not about loving just your own film, but the totality of the film fest.

The actress is not expecting to win any awards for this movie. She knows when one is an acting piece, and this was just fun for her to do.

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Lovi Poe Is Not Ready To Settle Down

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