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KC Concepcion Feels Comfortable With Paulo Avelino

KC Concepcion said she can be herself when she's around rumored beau Paulo Avelino. She described their relationship as "best friends."

They have a very private relationship, but she can feel that they are comfortable with each other. They have many similarities such as their love for coffee, manga and anime.

But more than just having a boyfriend, KC is looking for someone to get serious with. She wants someone who will stand up for her and who will prioritize her.

KC and Paulo worked for the second time on "Exchange Gift," one of the episodes of ABS-CBN's Christmas Special. KC learned that they need to have a deeper understanding of each other because if not, they can argue even about the little things in life.

They almost have the same story as with their "Exchange Gift" episode. There's no perfect relationship, but how do you handle your problems? How do you solve your issues?, she asked.

In the episode, KC and Paulo gave life to the characters of Anna and Christian, a married couple on the verge of separating. But despite the problems, they will be forced to act happy for the sake of their child.

Like their characters in the episode, KC and Paulo also argue at times. Paulo, of course, has a mind of his own, so he can hold an argument against KC. The actress said she's not stupid not to argue back.

What they need to do is swallow their prides. She believes it will make their relationship stronger.

KC is looking for something serious. She is a couple of years older than Paulo, so their priorities might be different. She decided not to put a label on their relationship because she doesn't want to expect anything from him.

"Sabi ko, kung ready na ba akong magpakasal, ready na ba siya if ever na siya ba?"

If ever Paulo will meet a girl he's more comfortable with, then they will talk about it, KC said, adding that she doesn't want to put pressure on their relationship.

Meanwhile, KC said she and her mother Megastar Sharon Cuneta have a better chance to be closer now. Back when her grandmother, Elaine Cuneta, was still alive, KC usually spends time with her because her mother is busy.

She has always been a lola's girl because the Megastar was busy with her career while KC is growing up. She told her mother this is their chance to be closer because she's not as busy as before and her grandma is not around anymore.

Hopefully, they will get to be more open to each other now that they have the chance. KC said she's proud of Sharon because she's trying to take care of herself now.

When her grandma died, even KC gained weight because it was a reflection of what was in her heart. She told Sharon she wants her to lose weight healthily because they cannot afford for her to get sick also.

She asked her mother to take better care of herself.

Sharon will celebrate her 49th birthday on December 6, so the family is planning a big celebration because the Chinese said it would be lucky. However, they haven't thought what to do yet because their family is still grieving for their loss.

She wishes for her mom to be healthy and happier. KC wants to work out with her mother, but Sharon is still shy to exercise in public. Her mother might be planning for a show, but KC doesn't want to give any details.

She's got a good body when she was young so hopefully, fans will be surprised at how well she looks after her diet.

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KC Concepcion Feels Comfortable With Paulo Avelino

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