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Maricar De Mesa Doesn't Want To Be Friends With Don Allado

Maricar de Mesa said her estranged husband Don Allado, who she believed cheated on her, doesn't deserve her friendship. Even though she is already starting to move forward, the actress doesn't want to be friends with Don.

They are civil to each other, though. She doesn't think she can be friends with him because in a friendship, you have to be true to each other.

Don was the one who filed for an annulment. Maricar revealed that when they could no longer fix their marriage, she told Don he must be the one to file for an annulment and spend more because he was the one who cheated on her.

Don denied any third party in their separation. Maricar said no man will ever admit to a third party.

She knows the other girl. She even sees her in some showbiz functions, although she is not from the industry. She could not look straight at Maricar, the actress said.

She won't openly confront the girl, however, because that would be too cheap. Although she has details about Don's relationship with her, Maricar cannot reveal anything for now because of the annulment proceedings.

Maricar and Don only communicate through their lawyers. Their separation of properties is currently ongoing. She made sure everything will be done in a legal way.

They even cut ties with each other's families. If they ever talked, it would only be about their personal things.

"Yun lang ‘pag paminsan-minsan kapag may kailangan siya, may kailangan siyang itanong sa akin na ako lang ang nakakaalam."

The same goes for her: she only texts Don if she has to ask him something only he knows. But that's it, Maricar said.

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Maricar de Mesa Doesn't Want To Be Friends With Don Allado

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