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Boy Abunda Looks Back At His 2014

King of Talk Boy Abunda said 2014 was one of the most important years of his life. That was when God woke him up and asked him "when is enough, enough?"

He suffered from liver abscess last year, and was gone from television for more than two months. When that happened, Boy realized what is important in his life--his mother. He needed to stay healthy and strong for her.

During his long stay in the hospital, Boy said he was humbled. There were times he was delirious already, which made him realize he was not invincible at all.

Boy is thankful, though, that his illness did not prevent him from doing his job. He is still able to do his shows, "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" with Kris Aquino and "The Bottomline," a public affairs program.

He decided to let go of his talent management company, Backroom, and gave the reins to Rowena and Bettina Aspillaga. Before he was hospitalized, he was still reviewing some contracts. But now, he's totally hands off from the management company.

Meanwhile, Boy already rejected outrightly running for public office. There was a time he was entertaining the possibility of entering politics (but not Senate), but his illness changed his mind.

He wanted to run as governor of Samar, his home province. Now, politics is not even an option for him.

He's very health conscious right now. He either runs in the morning or plays badminton in the afternoon. Boy also runs in the evening inside their village for five kilometers.

The TV host is also more careful with his diet--only vegetables, fruits and fish for him.

What can he advise to his followers? They must love themselves. He listens well to inspirational author Bo Sanchez, who said that one's love tank must be full in order to share his/her love.

Boy discovered a lot about himself when he fell sick. He is more respectful now of people who disagree with him, especially on his views on the LGBT community.

It doesn't mean he lost his passion for his views or for his stand. He just learned that he needs to be respectful of the opinions of others. Boy became more spiritual, too

He is thankful that nothing worse happened to him. It could have been worse if the pus in the tissue was cancerous. God is still good, Boy said.

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Boy Abunda Looks Back At His 2014

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