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Dennis Padilla Says He Was Snubbed By Julia Barretto

Dennis Padilla said he was snubbed by his own daughter, Julia Barretto, during a Christmas Party for Dreamscape Entertainment.

Dreamscape is the drama unit of Deo Endrinal, who is responsible for producing "Ikaw Lamang," which stars Dennis, and "Mirabella," Julia's launching series.

Julia is the eldest daughter of Dennis with his estranged wife, Marjorie Barretto. They have two other children--Claudia and Leon.

It was on December 14 that Dreamscape held the Christmas party. Dennis recounted that he was sitting two tables away from Julia, but she did not even go there to greet him.

Dennis said he is trying to understand Julia for disrespecting him. Maybe she has her own reasons why she is doing that. He was even envious of the other artists who Julia greeted at the party.

He wanted to go home already, but Tita A told him to stay because he is part of "Ikaw Lamang." Coco Martin, who was sitting beside him that time, also told him to just understand because he's the parent.

Dennis told Coco it hurts so much.

In July 2014, reports came out that Julia is seeking to drop Dennis' real surname, Baldivia, from her name and instead, carry the name of her mother, Barretto.

Dennis said this case has been ongoing. They will have a hearing in February. It would take a long time to resolve this because it is tried under Family Court.

The last hearing was two months ago while the next one after February would be either in March or April.

Dennis last saw his daughter in September 2014 during the way of the mother of Randy Santiago. She told him back then that they will set a meeting between their lawyers. When the meeting was set, Julia was unable to come and instead, simply sent her lawyers.

Dennis also did not attend the meeting when he found out Julia won't be there. He does not understand why his daughter is acting that way.

Asked if someone is brainwashing Julia, Dennis refused to comment. Although he has suspicions of his own, Dennis said he cannot prove those, so he would rather keep silent. Dennis revealed that Julia did not even greet him on Christmas or New Year.

Julia will be celebrating her 18th birthday in March. Dennis has no idea if he will be invited, although he is still hoping to play a part there because it is a big event in her life.

In the end, Dennis gave a simple message to Julia. He told her that he understands why she did not even greet him that day. Maybe it was because he was fighting for his surname to stay with them.

When the time comes, maybe the children will understand why he is fighting for them. He asked Julia not to believe what others have been saying that she is illegitimate.

He wished Julia and his other children more success and strong health.

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Dennis Padilla Says He Was Snubbed By Julia Barretto

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