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Iya Villania Says She Can Relate With Nikki Gil On Virginity Issue

Iya Villania recently defended her bestfriend Nikki Gil on social media after the latter was bashed heavily because of her no-premarital-sex belief.

Some even accused Nikki of lying about her virginity. Iya took also to social media to defend her friend, saying that the only time Nikki and ex-boyfriend Billy Crawford was together abroad was for work.

She said she is sure Nikki is still a virgin.

Nikki sent a message to Iya even before her defense of her became an issue. She finds it funny because it was not supposed to be an issue. In fact, it is supposed to be a norm since this is a Catholic country, and it teaches women to keep their virginity intact until after marriage.

Nikki told her that the "Best Friend Award goes to..."

She felt protective of Nikki because they have the same beliefs and values. In fact, she understands where Nikki is coming from, as well as the criticisms coming her way.

"Birds of the same feather flock together, that’s probably why Nikki and I have been the best of friends, because we relate to each other in so many ways."

It's important for both of them that they have this kind of support. It's unfair that despite Nikki's claims that she is a virgin, some are still accusing her of being a liar.

Iya was never someone to announce her own set of values. However, since it is not a hot issue, she might as well give her two cents.

Iya said she's a very affectionate person, but she also believes there are different ways to express that affection or to show someone you love him/her.

"I believe, I do believe in that [preserving virginity]. I don’t look down on other girls who practice it [pre-marital sex], it doesn’t make you less of a person."

Iya earlier revealed that she was a virgin until her marriage to longtime boyfriend Drew Arellano.

Asked about Nikki's new boyfriend, a non-showbiz guy named BJ Albert, Iya said she already met BJ even before the two became official.

As to her marriage to Drew, Iya revealed that they plan to have children in two years' time. They may start by the end of 2016, she said.

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Iya Villania Says She Can Relate With Nikki Gil On Virginity Issue

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