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Bret Jackson Denies Using Andi Eigenmann

Bret Jackson denied that he's just using Andi Eigenmann for his own gain in showbiz. Bret, a pure American, was first known as a housemate on ABS-CBN's "Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010."

His name has recently been linked to Andi after she announced her breakup with Jake Ejercito.

Bret has just signed a contract under Viva Artists Agency. But while media have been focused on his "relationship" with Andi, a lot are also questioning the timing of his closeness to the actress. Even Andi's mother, Jaclyn Jose, disapproves of the relationship.

Bret explained that Viva planned to give him a lead role even before he met Andi. When they found out that he's seeing Andi, they thought about giving them both a project.

The two are now doing the Wattpad-based movie "Your Place or Mine." Brett has been starring in the TV5 series "Wattpad Presents Trip In Love or Fall In Love" with Eula Caballero.

When asked about Jaclyn's disapproval of him, Bret refused to comment. He hasn't met the veteran actress, so he believes she can't make an unbiased opinion of him. He also understands that Andi and Jake were together for four years, so it's only natural Jaclyn is still close to him.

Bret said he's willing to prove himself to Andi and to her mother. However, he clarified that he's not hurt by Jaclyn's statement that she doesn't want anyone to use Andi for their gain.

Before he met Andi, his management already has a plan for him. Logically, too, Bret can "use" his bestfriend, James Reid. "If I really wanted to use anybody, why wouldn’t I use my best friend na si James Reid na sikat? I don’t!"

He's aware that Andi defends him against her mother. He's thankful to her for that, and he said they take care of each other well.

It's only Jaclyn who spoke against him, Bret said, adding that he already met a lot of her family like her sisters, Stevie and Max, and her brother, Sid. He also met Cherie Gil, Andi's aunt.

He has yet to talk with Jaclyn because it's quite hard to set a schedule since both he and Andi are busy. He already asked Andi to introduce him to her mother, but they are trying to find the right moment for it. There are other things they have to focus on for the meantime.

There are rumors that he and Andi are already a couple, but they are just keeping it a secret. This was based on their New Year's photo where Bret was seen carrying Andi.

He explained that since he's dating, they can be sweet to each other at times. They even take out Ellie, Andi's daughter from a previous relationship. They are trying to get closer to each other.

Bret is not seeing other girls right now. "I just [wanna be] with Andi. I’m obviously serious enough... and everything that’s going on."

He thinks that people are overreacting "a bit" with their relationship. It's not that he's affected by the controversies hounding them, but he could definitely appreciate if they would just go away.

Bret's focus right now is on his career and his relationship with Andi. "It doesn’t matter to me yung mga whatever is coming out in the news or anything."

Although he appreciates that some people are taking his side on the matter, that is not what he is looking for right now.

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Bret Jackson Denies Using Andi Eigenmann

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