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Hayden Kho Wants To Talk To Katrina Halili Personally

Hayden Kho wants a chance to talk with actress Katrina Halili so they can settle their issues before. However, Hayden made it clear that it would be better if others are with them since he promised himself not to be alone in a single room with a woman.

He tried to reach out to Katrina even before November last year, but it seems that the actress was not ready back then. Hopefully, because Katrina already said that she has forgiven him, she will now be open to meeting with him.

Katrina earlier said she accepted that Hayden had his medical license reinstated. She also made amends with Dra. Vicki Belo during the wedding of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

Hayden said he prayed that God will give him the things he needs in his life, which is the forgiveness of the people he has hurt in the past. Maybe Katrina's decision to forgive him is also a message from God, and a result of his newly found devotion.

Asked about his relationship with Dra. Vicki, though, Hayden remained mum and said it's up to Vicki to answer that. He wants to keep their "relationship" private from now on.

His silence, however, betrays the fact that they are often seen together in public events. Hayden said they have an "understanding." Asked what that "understanding" meant, Hayden didn't answer.

As for his personal plans, he said he wants to be a doctor again, and dismissed news that he will become a pastor altough he is heading to that direction.

He will be reestablishing his profession and practice on cosmetics and anti-aging.

Meanwhile, Hayden will be starring in TV5's "Healing Galing." He will be co-hosting it with Dra. Edinell Calvario. The show will discuss traditional and alternative medicine.

He is thankful that God is providing him with these blessings. He said he has always been grateful, but he was just sidetracked.

Back then, he was simply seeking adventures, so that's why he was led to things that hurt other people. But now, he's back to where he truly belongs.

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Hayden Kho Wants To Talk To Katrina Halili Personally

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