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Dolphy's Marina Property Is Not For Sale, Zsa Zsa Padilla

Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla said that the late Comedy King Dolphy left the Marina property for her and their daughters, Nicole and Zia.

It is not up for auction, Zsa Zsa clarified. Dolphy's properties have been put into auction by son Eric Quizon to build a foundation on the late comedian's name.

Zsa Zsa explained that the place is still developing, and no other than Marina is allowed to sell properties there.

Nicole and Zia still live at the Marina property while Zsa Zsa is living in with boyfriend, Conrad Onglao. Zsa Zsa denied that there are issues between her and Dolphy's children regarding the auction of the Comedy King's properties.

In fact, Zsa Zsa will also get her fair share from the profits of the auction.

Zsa Zsa laughed off rumors that she is already engaged to Conrad. This spread after she posted a photo seemingly showing off a ring on her finger. The photo was taken during Conrad's birthday in Marina.

The singer explained that what she was showing off there was the bubbles from washing the dishes, and not the ring. In fact, the ring was given to her by Dolphy.

For now, she is happy with her relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend. She said that Conrad should not be pressured to propose to her because people just want to see her happy.

Zsa Zsa said she has proven herself to be independent, so marriage is not a security blanket for her. There's nothing wrong also if they decide to get married because they are both single.

In Philippine tradition, it is the guy who must propose unless she wants to take that first step. She doesn't know when is the right time, though.

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Dolphy's Marina Property Is Not For Sale, Zsa Zsa Padilla

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