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Kat Alano Drops More Clues About "Rapist"

TV and radio personality Kat Alano dropped more hints about her alleged rapist, a year after she revealed she was raped and abused by a "celebrity" and "public figure."

On her Facebook post, Kat said she is tired of keeping her silence and of watching other people protect his man. Still, she did not reveal who he is. Attached to her Facebook post is an open letter to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, in which she revealed that her rapist was a man who face several rape complaints, but was proven innocent because of a lack of "probable cause."

She criticized the lack of justice system in the country, which is the reason why a lot of rape victims like her don't want to file cases against their rapists. Kat said this was why she decided to just keep this abuse to herself.

Kat also said that filing a case against her rapist would only lead to a perjury case against her for "damaging his reputation." She added that there are many instances when the justice is in favor of the rapist, and not of the raped.

The radio personality said she was 19 years old the time she was raped by this public figure.

It can be remembered that Kat first started hinting about her rapist in January 2014, during the time that Vhong Navarro was facing rape charges from model Deniece Cornejo and two others. These cases were since dismissed.

According to her interview in April 2014, she was raped 10 years ago when she got to hang out in a club with this public figure. Because she was already drunk, the man offered to take her home. When they arrived at her house, the man allegedly pushed himself inside the house and that was when she was raped.

She admitted that Deniece's allegations against Vhong was what pushed her to reveal all these details. It left her "wide open," she added. "And all these feelings you thought that you have never had or ever had to deal with are all of a sudden coming back."

In her open letter, Kat questioned why the testimony of a rape victim is not enough to convict the rapist. According to her research, once a victim's testimony is credible, this should be enought to incite probable cause.

"Yet due to personal, cultural and societal biases in the Philippines, JUSTICE has been unfairly weighed IN FAVOR OF RAPISTS and the people of our country know this."

The testimony of several victims accusing the same man should be enough for the court to give them a fair trial, especially since these victims will suffer violent repurcussions from public opinion, Kat said.

Kat asked the Justice department to help her and the other victims against this known personality. Based on her experiences, she said she was bashed and heavily criticized on social network sites while some said it's her own fault why she was raped.

Since she admitted being raped, Kat said she was put out of work, which is a plight she shares with all the other victims of rape. Some of the supporters of her alleged "rapist" have even made threats on her life.

Kat said there is no pleasure in accusing a celebrity of rape. She then asked rape victims to support the online petition that aims to help victims like her.

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Kat Alano Drops More Clues About

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