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Marian Rivera Wants Her Wedding To Be An Inspiration

Almost a month after the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera wedding, many are still talking about the lavish ceremony and reception. But Marian said she doesn't want to incite envy through her wedding. She simply wants to inspire others.

It's a dream come true for her, who, until now, cannot believe they were able to pull off the wedding last December 30. A number of people have been criticizing the couple for the spectacle of their wedding, saying they could have donated the money they spent there instead.

Asked what's more exciting, the wedding or the honeymoon, Marian answered both. She's very happy with their honeymoon because the last leg was in Spain, where she was able to spend time with her father, cousins and other relatives. Some of those relatives Dingdong met for the first time during that trip.

Her father fulfilled her wish to see her family there, and to bring her to the altar, Marian said.

Although their wedding was far from perfect, Marian said Dingdong tried to give her everything she wanted. She was called the "most beautiful bride," but Marian said all brides are beautiful. She actually surprised herself that day because she thought she'll be crying all-ceremony long.

Her father was actually very appreciative of Dingdong that the actor formally asked for Marian's hand in marriage. Marian was only able to know that when she watched the video of their wedding.

Meanwhile, the couple shared on their Instagram accounts where they went during their honeymoon. They went to many places, they haven't been to before, but the highlight was when they saw Pope Francis in Vatican City.

Marian said they are only waiting to be blessed with a baby. It's all in God's time, Marian said.

But for now, it's reality time for Dingdong and Marian as they prepare for their respective showbiz commitments. She will be doing a soap very soon since the story and director have been finalized already.

Since she hasn't started taping yet, she will be participating in the "All for Juan, Juan for All" segment of "Eat Bulaga!" That's one of the things she was thankful for last year, so she promised herself to go back to doing it once she comes back from her honeymoon.

Marian has a new look now. She dons a short hair and bangs. It's not for any role, the actress said. She just wants to cut her hair, but cannot do so before the wedding.

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Marian Rivera Wants Her Wedding To Be An Inspiration

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