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Saab Magalona Weds Jim Bacarro In Baguio City

Singer-actress Saab Magalona wedded her longtime boyfriend, musician Jim Bacarro, at the St. Ignatius Chapel or the Philippine Military Academy Parish in Baguio City last January 24.

The ceremony, officiated by Rev. Fr. Raul S. Cino, started at 3PM. The wedding has a different concept because Saab decorated it with books and bookcases.

Saab is a book worm while Jim is also fond of graphic novels and comics. She wanted a feel of a library for her wedding. She doesn't want a fancy ceremony because she wants everyone to feel comfortable during her wedding.

Even the reception at the Gov. Forbes Ballroom in PMA was full of books. The books used there were old books destroyed by calamities and such. That was the idea by the wedding coordinator, Saab said.

Saab was a modern bride that day, wearing an off-shoulder, mermaid-cut wedding gown designed by her friend, Sassa Jimenez. She didn't want a veil on her face anymore because this will be stained by her tears, she added. Instead, there was a short veil behind her.

Instead of the usual stiletto heels, the bride was wearing a black YSL booties.

During the exchange of vows, both of them became emotional. According to Jim, 27, Saab's co-bandmate in Cheats, he thought Saab was annoying when he first met her. She was a mystery to him.

"Who knew this mystery would eventually be a major crush that led to some flirtation which then blossomed into a beautiful friendship?"

Most people tend to look for the perfect girl, but there's no such thing. There is only a friend, a best friend for him. He described Saab as someone who assures him that all his quirks can make an impact to the world, a friend whose imagination inspired him to see the world differently.

Saab is a friend who made him laugh and holds him when the world has turned against him.

Jim thanked her for being not only a friend, but someone who loved him despite his flaws. He promised to tell her when she's wrong, to admit when he failed, to never let go, to never leave, to never let Saab cry without him, to remember all the reasons he loves her even during the days they don't like each other very much, and to give his best as a provider, bandmate, bestfriend, and father to their future children.

"I promise that this would be our greatest adventure. We will have the most fun in one lifetime together."

He likened their love to a song, whose melodies may break and the rhythm may go off-key, "but at the end, the song sing sweetly."

"This is our masterpiece and I promise you, I will never get tired of singing it."

When it was Saab's turn already, she had to stop for a while because she was crying too much, reading the vow she wrote the night before.

Saab shared that three years ago, she woke up from a strange dream of her and Jim dancing. The next day, he asked her out after seven years of knowing each other.

They couldn't stop talking to each other, but the restaurant was already closing. "Who would have thought I will have the time of my life with the boy who wrote a hate song about me in college?"

It was nothing but love at first sight for them, Saab said, adding that she's thankful every day for falling in love with him at the right time.

They could have been together years ago, but the Jim she re-met in 2011 was the better version of the one she knew at school.

Saab mentioned her late dad, Francis Magalona, who would have been happy giving her away that day.

After the ceremony, everyone proceeded to the Baguio Country Club, where the cocktails started at the Infinity Garden before the dinner at the Cameron Forbes Ballroom.

The reception had a different theme because the entourage and the bride and groom entered with lightsabers, based on Jim's favorite "Star Wars" movie.

Meanwhile, the couple said they wanted three babies. They will wait four more years before having babies because they want to travel the world first.

The two will be in Kyoto, Japan for the next five days. This is a gift from one of their principal sponsors.

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Saab Magalona Weds Jim Bacarro In Baguio City

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